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As the time for me being able to afford to move out looms ever closer I find that whenever I visit a store that has a homeware or furniture department it is all I can do to drag myself away from all the beautiful furnishings and accessories. Considering I won't be in an independent position for at least another year it almost feels like I'm just teasing myself but hey - a girl can dream!

I've chosen to post a few of my favourite finds from some of the stores that I've visited over the last month and I love all the autumnal themes and colours. My mum always changes a few little details in the home with the seasons and I'm now starting to appreciate the little things that rotate throughout the year to follow the colours and feelings that come with spring/summer and autumn/winter.


Clockwise from top left: 1. GULÖRT Reversible Cushion Cover 2. BRUNKRISSLA Red Bed Linen Set  3. BLÅRISP Cerise Throw  4. TOFTBO Beige Bath Mat  5. BLÅVINGE Curtains with Tie-Backs  6. STRANNE LED Table Lamp

One thing that I love about IKEA (besides spending days traipsing round their stores) is their simple, elegant style at an affordable price. Though they don't update their range to suit the seasons, you can always find something to suit any mood. I love the LED lamp as it imitates winter trees and also hints subtley at Christmas with its fairy-type lights. The bath mat looks sooo luxurious and perfect for stepping onto out of a warm evening bath: almost like standing on a little cloud. I also really love the cute owl illustration on the cushion cover and the Cerise colour gives warm tones to its surroundings whilst avoiding being a bit too cliche with the typical reds/browns/yellows that are associated with A/W.

Next Home

Clockwise from top left: 1. Owl Wall Clock   2.(Top) Jack Russell Cushion 2.(Bottom) Abstract Birch Tree Canvas   3. Photographic Tree Canvas Set of 4  4. Set of 5 Love Stacking Mugs  5. Double Knitted Pod  6. Little House Lamp

How cute is that Little House Lamp?! Miniature stuff makes me squeal with delight and I just love the idea of the light shining out from the little windows and giving the room a really cosy feel. The wall art is a lovely simple way of bringing all the beauty of autumnal changes in nature indoors and the colours help to make the room feel warmer and more inviting. The stacking mugs were obviously a no-brainer for the chilly days that are yet to come and the fact that they're earthenware means they'll feel solid and warming for all those essential cups of tea.


Okay: now for something a little different (in terms of price at least). Looking at the Heal's homeware collection is like a dream for me in the sense that I can't see myself being able to afford their beautiful items anytime soon. I recently visited their Tottenham Court Road store and fell in love with everything in there; I love how their style is sophisticated and upmarket while still maintaining some cute and quirky characteristics. The majority of their items have a wonderfully British feel about the, whilst still including some select pieces which hint at Eastern influences. My all time dream items to own for A/W would have to be that gorgeous wool rug and a couple of throws. It would be like going back to caveman times with all natural(looking) products to keep you warm and cosy during the winter months but instead of being in a cave you get to be in your much-preferred living/bedroom - even better! 

Owning any of these items would help to accentuate the cosy, autumnal feel of the next few months and I find it's nice to sometimes indulge in a little 'unnecessary' decoration for the home: or maybe that's just my justification for buying those sorts of things! 

Stay inspired!


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