Meet the Wolf Pack!

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A big portion of my love and energy is given over to three little furry beings that are always happy to see me, follow me around and demand treats and walks (in exchange for doggy kisses of course!). I couldn't imagine living without having at least one four-legged friend around and I feel so lucky to have a multitude of pets that I can surround myself with on a daily basis.

I have always been a massive animal lover and I find that having a pet is so rewarding and worth all the time, money and effort that goes into owning one. By default, I'm sure a lot of my posts will feature my dogs so I may as well introduce them all!


The oldest member of the group is a five-year-old chocolate Labrador named Millie. She is so typically a Lab and loves nothing more than food, walks, tennis balls and food. Although she would normally rather have a treat than be petted, when she gets sleepy she can't resist leaning her head on my lap and falling asleep.

She also really likes to hold small things in her mouth (?) like hairbands, beads and other small toys. As well as this she is the only dog out of the group that would not destroy every toy she's given. Millie has been the easiest dog to train as she loves treats and will do anything to get one! When training the others to master recall I would use her to help to guide the others as I can always trust her to do as she's told.

Her nicknames include: Chocolate Bear/Bear Cub, Mill mill, Molly and Milka. (Just call me 'Crazy Dog Lady'.)


The next addition to our family happened by complete chance: my mum is Bosnian and in her home country there is an ongoing problem with unwanted and abused cats and dogs. She met a lady who runs one of the few charities that exist for helping these animals and after going on their Facebook page I instantly fell in love with all the poor pups that were out there looking for a home. However, one particular little scruffball named Alisa caught my eye because of her cheeky-looking face.

My mum had to go out to Bosnia a few weeks after I saw the picture and whilst she was there she got to meet the dogs that were at the rescue centre including Alisa. She jokingly mentioned to the owner that she wished she could bring Alisa back home with her but thought that the regulations to bring a dog back to the UK would not allow her to do so. Little did she know that the law had recently changed and that she could actually bring this little lady home with her - so that's what she did!

Alisa has the sweetest nature of any dog and is so attentive and affectionate. She was found at the local dog pound starving to death a few days before she was due to be euthanised so when she first came to us she was very malnourished and lost a lot a fur whilst she was gaining weight. Now she is a beautiful dog with the most fabulous tail and always gets complimented on her coat and temperament.

Her nicknames include: Foxy-Loxy, Aliza Pizza, Liss Liss, Bambi and Angel Flower.


Last but not least is the little baby of the family, Misha. She is a crossbreed of what seems to be a Chihuahua, a Corgi, a Basset Hound, a Labrador and something with a very curly tail! Misha also came from the same rescue centre as Alisa but she was found when she was younger so didn't suffer as much with malnutrition. When she first came to us she was very shy and timid but now she is such a sassy little diva and the leader of the whole pack!

When Misha wants something, Misha has to get it. Her favourite thing is beds: she goes crazy for them and tries to burrow underneath the pillows to get into the comfiest position. Having three dogs can mean that walk times are sometimes difficult so occasionally I will just take one or two dogs at a time. If this means leaving Misha at home when she knows the others are going for a walk she will express her anger by barking and nipping at me when I get back - until she realises that she is now the one going for a walk.

She is my spirit animal.

Her nicknames include (but are not limited to): Pickle, Meesh Peesh, Maysh, Mash, Princess, Petal, Angel Mouse and Precious.

Facebook page for the Bosnian Animal Rescue Centre
The name literally translates to 'Paw in Heart' and there are thousands of pictures of all the sweet animals they've rescued over the last couple of years. VIEWER DISCRETION: there is the occasional picture which shows injuries or wounds on some of the animals they find and these can be quite distressing. However they are just trying to emphasise how serious the problem is and it also acts as progress pictures for the animals they are working to save.

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