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I've been searching for a few staple winter items (new scarf, new coat, a warm skirt, boots etc.) and New Look has been the only shop that I've really been inspired by! I'm not sure what it is but at the minute I'm loving basically everything that they've got out on the racks and online store. I went into their Oxford Street store last week and picked up a few bits for myself but there is so much more that I'll be adding to my wishlist.

Pink Boucle Tartan Check Scarf

 Jumper | Topshop

 This scarf caught my eye in my local store: I tried it on with a couple of coats and decided that if nothing else I had to buy the scarf because it was so warm and soft. There's nothing I hate more than a scratchy, woolen scarf against my face and this one is nothing like that: it's like having lot's of bunny tails against my face - which is possibly the weirdest way to describe something's texture! - and the tartan check is on point for this season's trends.

Lilac Brushed Large Grid Print Mini Skirt 

Blouse | TU

In the same vein as tartan check, this mini skirt is possibly my new favourite item in my wardrobe: probably mostly because it makes me feel like Cher Horowitz! The material is soft, warm and has a wool-like appearance to it so looks really classic. I also really like its cut as I find that wearing Skater/Circle skirts in the winter can sometimes be a bit risqué as it only takes a little autumn breeze to expose myself - I am unfortunately speaking from experience...

Heart Print Shirt

 Jeans | Topshop

 I've never been a massive 'shirt' person as I've felt that they make me look too masculine but this particular style is one that I actually really love and it still looks feminine - even with my cropped hair. I've worn it here untucked with blue jeans but I also think it would look great tucked into a skirt or worn under a cream/black jumper. I couldn't find this exact piece on the New Look website but I have seen it in stores and I believe it was £17.99!


As is always the case, I can never afford everything that I want so here is a little wishlist of some of the other pieces that I loved but couldn't make my bank account suffer for...yet. There also seems to be a predominantly grey theme going on here - I guess to match the colour of A/W skies!

Clockwise from top left: Black Check Belted Coat | Grey Swing Dress | Cowl Neck Cropped Jumper | Shell Pink Ribber Jumper | (Top) Layered Flower Stud Earrings (Bottom) Blue and Gold Aztec Drop Earrings | Silver Triple Diamante Necklace | Grey Grid Print Pinafore Dress

I've not had a chance to blog during last week as I had a final crit at uni and it looks like I may have to reduce my blogging to only one post a week as third year is proving very time-consuming...I guess that's to be expected though! As for personal things I'm starting to feel much more assertive and confident in more aspects of my life though specifically at uni (which has been a place of bad feelings for the last two years) so hopefully I'll be able to enjoy this year alongside all the stress of the workload I'll have.

That's all for today but I'll be blogging again next Monday!

Stay inspired!

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