Photo Diary: Autumn Dog Walk

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I'm lucky to live right next to a lovely rural park which has the Basingstoke Canal running alongside it so I can walk my wolf pack off leash without having to travel to an open area. I find that walking my pups there helps me to relax and clear my head so it's somewhere that I like to go when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Sunsets always seem to last much longer at this time of year so on Saturday afternoon I decided to make use of the light to take some pretty pictures of my local park and walking buddies (Misha and Tyson).

Tyson in action!
Misha at full speed!

Action shot! Caught her midway through flicking her ears back to listen to what Tyson was barking about.
A sign of a good dog walk.

My Monday seems to have gone far too quickly and has been pretty stressful as I have a final critic I'm preparing for at uni tomorrow which will be followed by a double-filling appointment with my dentist. But I'm thinking that I'll go on a little trip to Oxford Street in the afternoon to cheer myself up afterwards and get a few pieces from New Look (my current fave high street store at the minute) which should lead on nicely to a bit of a fashion appreciation post I'm planning for later on this week....swings and roundabouts! 

Stay inspired!

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