Wishlist: The Animal Edition

by - 21:53

So...if you know me at all, you'll know that I'm preeeetty much obsessed with all things animal. Luckily for me, the animal trend is here to stay so I'm spoilt for choice with all the different prints and motifs spread across everything from pencil skirts to pencil cases - yay! Below are my current wishlists for animal-related fashion and accessories/miscellaneous items that I just *have* to have (for no other reason than the fact that they have a little fox on them). 


1. Deer Jumper  2. Panda Jumper  3. Cat Print Shift Dress  4. Elephant Leather Watch  5. Fluffy Backpack  6. Fox Print Top  7. Racoon Jumper


1. Fox Notepad  2. Fluffy Elephant Pen  3. Whale Shaped Eraser  4. Zoo Animal Broach  5. Storage Box Collection  6. Dog Cushion  7. Rabbit iPhone Case  8. Sheep Cozy Friend  9. Cat Purse

This was intended to be a quick post as I am currently drowning in uni work (third year is so haarrddd you guys) but locating all the items that I love or have seen recently took the best part of this evening...it was so worth it though. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favourite animal pieces and that it has given you an idea of what to spend your paycheck/student loan on if you're an animal lover like me.

Stay inspired!

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