Amsterdam in Autumn

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I turn 21 tomorrow (eee!) with my childhood friend, Natalie, turning 21 the day after so to celebrate our birthdays we decided to go away with our mutual friends to Amsterdam for 3 nights this weekend just gone. We booked the trip in January to ensure we got the accommodation we wanted and cheap flights so needless to say we were massively excited by the time it came around!

We booked a large, modern apartment close to Centraal Station for nine of us to stay in and it was one of the most enjoyable weekends I've ever had. Amsterdam is AMAZING. I am completely in love with the city and everything in it. It's easy to assume that because of the lax rules on certain social aspects that the atmosphere could be unsavoury or overwhelming but it is the exact opposite. We stayed within the main central area of the city and everywhere we visited (including the Red Light District) felt safe, inviting and open with every street brightly lit and plenty of people out at all hours.

I loved the architecture out there: every building is different and not one is boring or plain. Every structure has character and a classic style that continues throughout the whole city. We spent most of the time walking around, exploring side streets with boutique shops, bakeries and cafés (my legs and feet are suffering now) and I couldn't get enough of the vibe of the whole place. I can't explain it but there was something about the mood of the entire city that made me feel calm and at ease. 

The only thing that was a bit stress-inducing was trying to figure out how to avoid all the various forms of road traffic of which only the trams seemed to have one set path and would stop for pedestrians. However after a few days you realise that it is basically a free-for-all for all road traffic so you just have to assume that every hard surface is a road for any and all vehicles and keep your wits about you!

I took pictures of my most favourite sights that I found out there (as well as plenty of our group of friends as it's so rare for us all to be together for an extended period of time!) and here are some of my favourite shots from the weekend.

 The two birthday girls on Halloween night!
The lounge area of our beautiful apartment

It's always 4:20 in Amsterdam.

The Iguana Park! A mini park that was decorated with bronze statues of the reptiles.
 Crooked, narrow buildings and yellow leaves against a crisp Autumn sky. Could it BE any more beautiful?
  Token Amsterdam shot.
  Electric Lady Land: a museum dedicated to fluorescence in natural and artificial objects. One of the most informative museums I've ever been to!
 A religious statue made entirely out of rocks found in various areas of the world. Different particles in different rocks gave of different fluorescent colours which only appear under UltraViolet light.
 View from the street outside our apartment.

The whole gang!

I had the most unforgettable experience in Amsterdam and would highly recommend it to anyone as the perfect city break: I will definitely be going back there again soon. There's so much to see and do and I feel like we didn't even cover half of the city and its attractions. However it seems that even with a short break I have fallen significantly behind on uni work and am now working my butt off to try and finish a design for a final crit that I have tomorrow (final crits should not be allowed on birthdays) which is made increasingly difficult by what can only be described as an Amsterdam Hangover. 

Next week's post will feature A LOT of four legged friends from an event I'll be going to this weekend so if you're an animal fan be sure to check back in next Monday. 

Until then, stay inspired! 

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