Discover Dogs, London: Heaven On Earth!

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On Saturday I went up to Earls Court in London to go to the wonderful event that is Discover Dogs: an exhibition where you can not only watch live agility competitions and displays and shop for dog accessories but also get up close and personal with over 200 different breeds of dogs! Ahhh! As you can imagine for a dog "nut" like me it was a dream day out and I made sure I took as many photos as I could of all the four-legged friends I met.

I went to the same event a few years ago with my family when we weren't sure what breed of dog to get after our beloved family Cocker Spaniel of twelve years sadly passed away.  We were set on one breed of dog (a Tibetan terrier) that we loved the look of but after actually meeting them in person could see that they were nothing like we expected: they are VERY owner-attached and often suffer from separation anxiety so wouldn't be suitable for a family who are often all out of the house for 6 hours a day.

However it isn't until you visit a show like that that you realise how many breeds are out there! Since the last time I visited, there seems to be far more promotion for adoption and there are now signs in every dog breed's individual booth clearly stating the potential health problems that can occur with certain breeds (an issue that has now been made public by those trying to steer people away from the stigma that can come with crossbreed dogs; not necessarily a bad move!).

The exhibition also has several stalls providing more information on charities that train and provide dogs for the visually or physically impaired, police dogs demonstrating training and their jobs with a couple of military-run stalls also displaying how useful dogs are to soldiers both in and out of active service. It's a really good place to get information on everything dog-related and I came home inspired by so many things I had seen or people I spoke to.

There's always so much going on and you can be sure that you will never see/pet so many dogs in one day: my own dogs sniffed me for hours when I came home because I had touched and been licked by so many other dogs, haha! It will be on again next year on the 17th and 18th of October and, if you're a dog lover like me, I would highly recommend paying a visit - you won't regret it! In the meantime here are several images (it was so hard to narrow them down because they all the dogs are so cute) to tide you over:

Clockwise from top left: The general layout of the exhibition | Elkhound | A mountain dog in a bib! | Puffed out Leonberger

Papillon! The name translates from French as 'Butterfly' and was given because of their large, wing-like ears.

Clockwise from top left: Some beautifully elegant Sloughis | Furry loaves of bread! Or Pomeranians as they are more commonly known | Pembroke Corgis | Beethoven (St Bernard) 

A lil baby Pomeranian! Squeee!
Clockwise from top left: Border Terrier | Dalmatian | Lassie! (Rough Collie) | A stylish French Bulldog
Some of the contestants for the Scrufts semi-finals. All of these dogs were working towards various Good Citizen awards. 

The Southern Golden Retriever Display Team were amazing! All of these pups had achieved a Gold Good Citizen award. So fricking cute. See them in action here:

For more information on the event you can visit: or just leave me a comment if you have any other questions!

As usual I am juggling this post with working on my ever-growing pile of uni work and applying for various jobs in my local area as my last shift at Homebase is next Sunday. In case you forgot what happened there, here's a little reminder... Anyway - on to better things!

Stay inspired!

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