Life Update! 1st November - 1st December

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To say I am exhausted would be an understatement: starting at 8am Friday morning I have been pretty much non-stop with uni, 22 hours of work and now more uni work! I haven't had the time (or energy) to think of anything worthwhile to blog about so instead I'm doing an update and a little insight of my life over the last month. I'll be back with a more substantial post next week (definitely something Christmas related) but I didn't want to leave any of my frequent readers - she says hopefully - without something to read on a Monday night!

Row 1, L-R: My 21st Birthday was on the 4th November which I celebrated with friends in Amsterdam the week previously (see Amsterdam post here) | A beautiful roast dinner - sooo good when you've been working all day and it's cold outside | Making sparkler art in the garden on Bonfire night! | A crisp Autumn walk by Basingstoke canal

Row 2, L-R: A cosy, candlelit evening in with my love | The whole wolf pack actually behaving for once! | Beautiful Christmas set up at IKEA | My first day at Starbucks!

Row 3, L-R: This mushroom calzone from Zizzi was so yummy - the dough especially was delish | Doing CAD drawings for my course - will it ever end? | Practicing drinks at work and the perfect excuse to drink alllll of the coffee | Most of our Christmas decorations went up this weekend including a beautiful six foot tall live Christmas tree - I love it.

I hope everyone's enjoying the first day of Christmas month - I've started my Christmas shopping and thought I was well ahead of everyone but it seems that most people have actually already finished theirs! I'm sure I'll still find something for everyone I love, though. I'm going to have to get back to doing uni work now (only 10 days until I break up for Christmas thank goodness) but I'll be back next week with a more exciting post - promise!

Stay inspired!

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