My Christmas! Photo Diary Part Two

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For once, it feels like time has gone very slowly and I'm glad! Christmas day, for me, is inevitably one that I'm very anxious to be perfect (or close enough) because there's always such a big build up to it. However, I'm yet to have a bad Christmas day and this year's festivities were perfect and special in their own way. Usually, important days that you've been looking forward to seem to go so quickly but this year I really felt like I enjoyed every hour of my Christmas day.

I was at my dad's place in London on the 23rd until Christmas Eve eve and we spent our time wandering around the centre of London, cooking some yummy food and watching The Grinch. I spent Christmas and Boxing day at home and they were both really chilled days that were spent cooking and eating the best food (namely stuffing and pigs in blankets - possibly the strangest food titles) watching films and opening presents.

Up until the age of about 15, my family's Christmas days were always really jam-packed and full on: I have a large family on my dad's side which totaled 21 in its peak and since my parents used to have the biggest house it would usually be on our family to provide a place and feast for the family's festivities. As you can imagine, this meant a whole lot of rushed breakfasts and present opening followed by a long day of slaving away in the kitchen with a quick break here and there to eat Christmas dinner/Turkey sandwiches. These days I much prefer having a quieter Christmas with my immediate family where there's no rush or time restraints and we can just do whatever we want! Yeah!

Here are some of my favourite festive images that I snapped over my Christmas break:

The Christmas tree at my dad's place.
 Cranberry coolers! I've grown to love these crystal I getting old now?
 We tried.
 Cutest window display at Hamley's!
 Our tree on Christmas day - yay presents!
 Misha getting to work on destroying her Christmas present.
 Millie prefers to just hold toys in her mouth - here she is wearing a lovely Christmas jumper as a scarf as it is actually meant for Misha but Millie prefers wearing it...
 The best part about Christmas for me is how excited the dogs get when we all sit around opening presents! They're curious creatures anyway and the abundance of paper and new smells was making them very excited. Here I am showing Alisa what I had got in my stocking after she had tried to stick her nose in it.
 Christmas selfie with my sis! It's a special event so, of course, the face gems were out.
 One of my favourite Christmas presents: I've wanted a lava lamp ever since I was young but never got round to asking for/getting one. Now I have a gorgeous pink one!
 Beautiful roaring fire on Christmas day.
 The main event! I went back for another plateful after demolishing this.
...And a mini Christmas dinner for the doggies! They loved this.  

Well, that's been my Christmas in a nutshell and now it's back to the harsh reality of shifts at Starbucks and uni work. I've just opened my essay that is due on the 6th of January to find that the last time I worked on it was 10 days ago....oops. Time to get my head down and try to compensate for the last week! I hope everybody enjoyed their Christmases and are looking forward to the New Year.

Stay inspired!

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