2014 Beauty Favourites!

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So I know I may be a little late to the party with this one (I had intended to post it last week but decided to get the word out about my Muddy Dog Challenge as soon as possible) and although I'm not a massive make up lover I still want to look nice and cared for and these little bits help me to do just that! All of the following are ones that I've discovered or re-discovered in 2014 and have now become essential in the routine of getting my freak on.

Described as an 'intense' moisturiser that relieves 'very dry' patches, I have found that this product has done exactly what it promises. I'm pretty bad at remembering to moisturise/cleanse/condition but this is one skin product that I've tried to use every day and definitely before applying make up. My skin isn't especially dry but due to the hard water in our area I find that it can be a little dry in places after a shower so this product is a necessity! Although it is described as an intense moisturiser it doesn't leave your face feeling clogged up and it hasn't caused any blemishes like some deep moisturisers can which is why it's one product that I'll definitely be re-purchasing. 

Now, when I choose to do a full face of make-up I want it to be something a lil special and having glittery eyeshadow is definitely one way of standing out! This shade has just the right amount of shimmer to be special but not so much that it feels itchy or heavy on your eyelids. I usually wear it on its own as a subtle bit of shimmer but it also works really well when used as a highlighter for a smokey eye look. It's in my favourites because when I wear it I feel like a princess.
For a long time I was set on only using liners with thinner nibs as I found this made it easier to create neat winged liner (my go-to look) but on visiting Boots after running out of my usual thin-nibbed gel liner and found that they had none in stock I had to compromise and decided to try going for a thicker nib to see whether it would make application time faster. This particular liner is L'Oreal's thickest and even though it took some getting used to it creates a much bolder look which can be applied in a matter of seconds
(yes, really!) once you've had some practice. It's taken a couple of years to master the art of winged liner and I'm still not perfect yet but this Superliner has enabled me to apply with a lot more precision than others.

I used to have one of these mascaras when I was probably about 13 but the look that was trying to be achieved by everyone in those days (2007 woop woop) was to basically try and cake as much mascara onto your lashes as possible and this particular Rimmel mascara just didn't cut it. Now that I'm trying to achieve a 'more natural but still super long' lash look this mascara is perfect! I usually apply it first after curling to act as a lengthener and then apply another mascara on top and because it doesn't clump it's perfect for creating separation in lashes, too.
I. Fricking. Love. KIKO. So much so that I will be writing a separate post in praise of their products at a later date but for now I'll just mention my absolute favourites. This eyebrow marker is the first that I've found to exactly match the colour of my natural brows as well as not staining my skin - it's a dream! My eyebrows are usually messy and just about passable as 'kept' but this marker just helps to give a little more definition and fill without overstating my brows. A definite one to re-purchase. 

I first discovered KIKO about a year ago and was instantly drawn to their lip products - this particular shade is one of my new additions and I love its purple/pink tint. Its light and silky texture leaves your lips feeling comfortable and natural and even though it gives a matte finish it's not drying as some matte lip products can become after a few hours of wear. As I mentioned I will be doing a full post on my favourite KIKO products but the brand, in general, has become a firm favourite of mine last year and I'll be buying plenty more products in 2015!
I must apologise if this post wasn't worded as well as some other beauty posts/reviews may be - I never intended for this blog to focus on beauty or make-up and my knowledge of both is pretty limited! Nevertheless, I am a girl with an interest in such things and though my choice of products may be humble they still make me feel beautiful every time I use them. I am currently enjoying my two weeks off of uni (between Semester 1 and 2) and have been doing, quite frankly, nothing! It's perfect. Tomorrow I'm heading down to Brighton to visit my friend Beth and see her new flat and I'm looking forward to going down to the seaside and visiting all the little stores. As for the Primark haul post that I had hinted at in last week's post - that journey turned out to be a total flop. It seems that most stores are run down on stock since the January sales and I was so looking forward to treating myself too!
Apparently today is supposed to be the Saddest Day of the year but I hope that you aren't feeling too blue...things will get better!
Stay inspired!



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  1. I've tried that Rimmel mascara before and I actually liked it too! And Kiko lipsticks are such a nice quality for the price they cost. :)

    1. Kiko is definitely good value and I love how much selection they have! :3