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How on earth is it 2015?! I swear that time is flying by faster and faster each year and if you don't stop and take a second to look around every now and again it's so easy to miss the actual life that you're living. I've had so many highs from this year and even though there have also been some very low points I wouldn't change anything that's happened - otherwise I wouldn't be the person with so many more experiences and teachings than last year that I am right now. I've managed to come up with 10 high points of my life of which some are very personal and others have been shared experiences that wouldn't have been as amazing if the people involved hadn't been with me.
  1. Cutting my hair short: Surprisingly, this was one of the easiest decisions I've made in my life but it's definitely been one of the best! I've had relatively long hair since I was little (at one point it was proper, mermaid-style length - so gorgeous but so much hard work) and it honestly is so liberating when your hairdresser just lobs off a massive length of hair. The weirdest thing was that, for about a week afterwards, I had what I can only describe as 'Phantom Hair' where it felt like my locks were still there and my head felt like I had just taken my hair out of a really tight ponytail? Very strange. But if anyone out there is deliberating having the chop I would say go for it! Worst case scenario: it grows back.
  2. Getting a decent camera: When I first decided to start this blog, I knew that I wanted to get a really good camera to take pretty pictures with. I've had a couple of digital cameras before but never something that would produce high-quality, professional-looking images. When I saw a Samsung NX3000 on sale with over a third off its original price and having read lots of praising reviews on it, I knew I had to have it. It's been one of the best purchases of my adult life so far and I've used it in every area of my life: from taking landscape images for my architecture work to amazing selfies with the 'self-shot' mode. I can also send the images I take straight to my phone through NFC. What a time to be alive.
  3. Starting my own blog: I've always loved writing and although I've had Tumblr for a while (much longer than I'm willing to admit) it's not really what I would call a blog. I love it for finding and re-blogging really beautiful or inspiring images but I was looking for something that I could use to document my life, findings and wishes. With the help of my friend Beth, who produced the adorable illustration of me and my pups (see more of her work here) I managed to set up my little blog in September and I've loved it ever since. I originally wanted to post two times a week but as I have so many other commitments that has since reduced to one post per week, always on a Monday eve to hopefully give everyone something to look forward to on an otherwise uninspiring kinda day!
  4. Seeing Miley Cyrus in concert: How do I even begin to describe the night that I saw Miley Cyrus live? I've loved Miley unashamedly since her Hannah Montana days: I'm not sure what it is but something about her just speaks to me. She is obviously VERY different to her Disney channel days and her concert was off the chain. As the Queen of controversy you can just imagine what she was getting up to on stage - I loved it and it was the best concert I've ever been to. It also so nearly didn't happen too: Miley had been really unwell since the death of one of her dogs and a severe allergic reaction to some antibiotics and she had to cancel every one of her shows right up to the London one that I went to. As a result she was even crazier than ever as she was so excited to be performing again!
  5. Going to Amsterdam: Me and my oldest friend Natalie planned this trip way back in January 2014 as a 21st birthday celebration/group holiday for a weekend in November. Everyone was booked and paid for by the end of January and after a lot of waiting we finally went out there from the 30th October - 2nd November. It was the most amazing trip away and I am 100% in love with the city. See more of what I got up to in my Amsterdam Photo Diary.
  6. Disneyland Paris: I may be 21 and legally an adult but deep down I'm just a kid pretending to know what I'm doing - sometimes unsuccessfully. Going to Disneyland is such a good way of reliving your childhood and I visited for a day in April this year with my younger brother and sister and we had the best day! It was surprisingly warm for April with temperatures getting up to about 21C and we managed to get on all the rides we wanted to as well as see our favourite characters.
  7. Starting my job at Starbucks: Having worked part-time at Homebase for three years, the time came in November this year for a change. I started work at the Starbucks at my local train station in mid November and love it! The role is a lot different to my Sales Position at Homebase and the hourly wage is far more in line with the job role than what I experienced at Homebase. Free coffee on shift also really helps to get you motivated to go work...
  8. Redecorating my room: When I first moved into my current house over four years ago, my bedroom had a giant map of the world that covered the whole ceiling. It was so cool and had been up there since the 1980s but after a couple of years of living with it I found that the intense colour on the ceiling was a bit overpowering and meant that everything else in my room had to be fairly neutral. The time came earlier this year to re-decorate as the wallpaper was looking a little shabby so I spent a whole week stripping wallpaper and the map off the walls/ceiling, filling any holes that were in the wall and painting all the walls and ceiling with a base coat and final colour. It was so labour intensive but I love my room now and it feels much calmer and better-organised.
  9. Took out my first phone contract: I've had a mobile phone since I was about 14 I think (which seems so old compared to how many people still in junior school that I've seen with iPhones) but I've never actually been totally in control of exactly which phone I would like or paying for it myself. In February this year after the contract on my HTC Wildfire S was ending I decided to take out a two year contract on a Samsung S4 mini and I've never looked back. I *love* having a phone that can handle everything I want it to do as well as it being utterly bombproof - seriously, I couldn't have an iPhone even if I wanted one because I would constantly have to be sending it off for screen repairs from dropping it 15 times a day.
  10. Drove independently: I passed my driving test in May 2013 but it wasn't until August 2014 that I actually got insured on my own car (technically I share it with my boyfriend, Dave, but I'm the main driver and owner). Having spent the last 7 years always having to get the bus/train/ask for a lift, being able to drive anywhere, anytime is a massive luxury. I drive myself pretty much everywhere (apart from uni) and it really does make you feel independent and more willing to go places that would usually require a lot of effort to get to.
This year, I'm looking forward to finishing uni, going to America for the first time and also going away with Dave by ourselves for the first time. That's all I've really got planned at the minute but I think that's enough to get excited about for now! I'm also hoping to get in a couple of concerts and days out with friends as well as working on my New Year's Resolution which is to work to make more time for my personal interests, in the hope that it will stop me getting so stressed.

I'm always interested to know what other's resolutions are so if you feel like sharing please leave a comment below! Hope everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebrations and have got some exciting things planned for 2015.

Stay inspired!

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