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Here's the situation: you like clothes, you love feeling good but everything in your wardrobe is just *not* doing it for you right now. This is when you feel like you need a big ol' haul to revamp your look. Or you want to get a lot of clothes for your cash. OR maybe you just have some money burning a hole in your pocket. For these moments: there is Boohoo. The site is up to date with all the newest trends at affordable prices so you can feel 'en vogue' on a budget. It's also great for picking up some staple items that are cheap and cheerful. It's like a more elegant version of Primark and it's the first place I go when I'm at home or on the move and think "I need this item - ASAP".

These are my desired items from the site at the moment and I think the best thing about seeing other people's wishlists is that it helps to build your own! Really, I'm just a bad influence who's not helping you to save this month, and for this I apologise. However leading on from my post last week, sometimes you do need to just treat your self: no reason, no buyer's guilt and definitely only things that are gonna make you feel fabulous.

1. Heart Elbow Patch Jumper Dress | 2. Grid Check A Line Skirt | 3. High Shine Loafer | 4. Embroidered Tassel Rucksack | 5. Stripe Turtle Neck Crop | 6. Woven Panel Shirt Dress | 7. Roll Neck Cable Crop | 8. Round Frame Sunglasses | 9. Daisy Collar Trim Shirt | 10. Bird Necklace | 11. Striped Organza Shift Dress | 12. Fluffy Barely There Heels

As you can see from what I've chosen, my style is diverse and as long as I feel cute I'll change up my look from day to day! I think that Boohoo is so low-cost and diverse in its range that I can always find something to purchase if I feel the need to impulse buy without breaking the bank. I remember buying my first item from Boohoo when it was first around about 8 years ago and the 'wet look' leggings (I know, I was way ahead of my time) that I purchased only actually developed a hole in them about 6 months ago!

As for an update on my life offline: I found that I was so stressed and overwhelmed with the increase in uni work as well as working 14 hours a week at Starbucks and trying to juggle family/boyfriend/friends/personal time. This resulted in me deciding that I needed to quit Starbs to free up some time which is actually kinda sad because I really don't mind working there! So I'm gonna try and get my fill of free coffee before I leave and then look forward to having some more time to keep up with my already packed schedule.

So if you were feeling the need to splash some cash this will hopefully have given you some ideas of how to go about it - you're worth it!

Stay inspired!

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  1. lovely collage! I'm really loving gridded stuff at the mo! May have to have a little spend up on boohoo! xx

    1. Grids and checks are definitely dominating the scene right now! They have a lot of really lovely stuff so I would say go for it :) xx

  2. I absolutely love number 6, that shirt dress is so pretty!!

    xo Mel | Sketch & Scribbles