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A change of scenery. I'm sure we all get a yearning for it every now and then but more so when we feel like the daily grind is getting a bit too monotonous. I woke up the other morning with such an itch to go out and explore a new city and I got on my AirBnB and EasyJet apps right away to see what kind of funds I would need for a couple of nights away in a European capital. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could get away to most of my desired destinations for a weekend for under £250!

Any actual solid plans are still in the making but I'm determined to get away soon (Dave has been feeling the same itch for a while so we'll escape together I'm sure) to, if nothing else, give me something to look forward to and break up this last long semester at uni! I've listed my top ten European destinations at the moment; some I have visited before and others are one that I've always wanted to explore. The pictures alone are enough to give anyone the travel bug!

Amsterdam | You were so good to me when I visited in October. But I felt like I only got to explore a small part of you so please, please take me back. There's something about 'Dam that makes me feel connected with it and even though I was there only 4 months ago I already have a massive urge to return...

Prague | The name alone sounds enticing. I would love to visit the city and explore all its history - especially its churches and castles. I've never been to the Czech Republic so it would be cool to explore a new country and its culture/food too!

Rome | I think you've got to go at least once in your life and visit the Colosseum - if nothing else! The city always looks beautiful and I would definitely want to check out the Trevi Fountain, both during the day and at night. Also: pizza. That is all. 

 Barcelona | This one is mainly for my own architectural interests (namely the work of Gaudi) but I have no doubt that the city is a beautiful place to visit regardless. I've been to Benidorm which is also located on the coast and I loved how the city flows seamlessly into the beach, it's like getting two holidays in one!

Panorama, Vienna, Austria, City, View, Building
Vienna | I've only ever done a whistle stop tour of one place in Austria but I have driven through most of it and have loved all the buildings and the countryside - Vienna to me feels like it would be the epicenter of Austrian culture. I always see images of the city and the country in general during the New Year's Day broadcast of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Concert and it looks breathtaking.

Berlin, Capital, Hbf, Tourism, Travel, Wanderlust
Berlin | I've visited Munich and Koln before but I think Berlin has much more to offer especially in terms of its historical and memorial aspects. I feel like Germany would be a great to place to visit in the winter - if for no other reason than to explore the Christmas Markets! It would also be a great place to investigate into some architectural features, particularly the Bauhaus museum.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Landmark, Tourism, Danish
Copenhagen | I've never been to Scandinavia and I love the look of the city: it seems so clean and fresh but still full of history and culture. The vibe I get when I read travel guides of Denmark is that it is at the forefront of style and therefore has a very upmarket, sophisticated atmosphere. Only one way to find out!

Belgrade, Serbia, Town, Clouds, Architecture, Boats
Belgrade | Being that I am half Bosnian Serb, it is only right that I visit one of the most thriving and culturally rich centres of former Yugoslavia. I did visit the city once before when I was ten years old so my memory of it is pretty weak and definitely needs updating as the city (and country) has changed so much in the last decade.

Stockholm | As I mentioned previously, I've never visited Scandinavia but Stockholm is definitely up there on my list. Everything about the city from it's location on the Baltic sea to its sophisticated charm and array of shops appeals to me. Also how wrong could you go with a country that founded IKEA?!

Reykjavik | I believe that Iceland is technically classed as European but even if not, I'm throwing it in there! The city itself looks adorable and it is the cultural and social hub of Iceland but the main thing I'm interested in is the country itself: I would definitely want to visit a geothermal spa and would keep all my fingers and toes crossed that I would be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights.

In all of these places, the main thing I'd want to do is explore the city, visit plenty of cafes, try the local food and fit in some museum/cultural stops in between! City breaks are unique in that they are designed to drop you in a new location for a limited amount of time so you really do have to make the most of it. Planning and investigating into what there is to see before you go definitely helps but it's also good to leave some free time to just see where the sights and smells will take you!

I worked my last shift at Starbucks yesterday (booooo: no more free coffee) and am now ready to focus on my last 10 weeks of uni - aahh! I do like to work hard but I think you should always play harder and a city break is the perfect way for me to achieve this; now I just have to pick a place! 

PS If you're wondering how I created the Polaroid effect on the images it was all through the use of a website called Polaroin.

Stay inspired!


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  1. Amsterdam is one of our favourite places we are planning another trip this October xx