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 The world of modern technology: with how far it's come, it's easy to forget that it's all still relatively new! People may argue that this new wave of technological advances is creating a society of smartphone addicts who are losing touch with reality but I would have to say I, for the most part, disagree.  

I was just at the tail end of a generation that didn't get a mobile phone or laptop until we were at least 12 or 13, and those were hand-me-downs at best. Now we're not even a decade on and we've all got smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and iPods coming out our ears! I will say here and now that I LOVE my phone. And my iPad. And my laptop. Heck, this blog wouldn't even exist if it weren't for at least one of those items. 

My phone (a Samsung S4 mini) obviously gets the most use and has my most used apps installed on it but since getting my iPad I've also downloaded a few apps which are used less frequently but are still helpful/insightful in their functions. The apps I've chosen here are ones that can be downloaded onto any smartphone and without which I would, genuinely, struggle to function as well as I do. I'll admit it - I'm borderline obsessed! 

My most favourite app EVER. How do I even begin to describe Instagram? For a start, it's become so much more than just the occasional snap of what you're up to and I'll admit that some people take it a little too seriously in terms of 'themes' and follower count, but I think that's the same for a lot of social media sites. For me, I just love posting little snaps of my life - it's like a mini photo journal of all my favourite things. 

I actually use Whatsapp instead of regular messaging for most of my contacts. Mostly because it means that I can send little emojis with my text and also because it enables you to send images/videos for freeeee.

I use Viber mainly with my mum as it has lots of stickers that you can use and this has actually become the main way that we communicate: through a little kitty or racoon waving hello etc. It's similar to Skype in that you can call people without using your minutes but I still prefer Whatsapp as a mobile messaging system.

Like most people, I largely use Twitter to voice the thoughts in my head. Most of the time it's to vent about annoying things which I can't say out loud but it's also become a useful platform for communicating with brands and companies. I used to use Twitter just to follow celebs but most of the ones I follow have migrated over to Instagram now!

Google Maps
I owe my ability to get to places which would otherwise be such a headache to find to Google Maps. My sense of direction isn't great so this app has become a life saver for me and massively reduces any anxiety I might have about travelling somewhere new!

I initially downloaded Candycam when the camera on my phone had a problem but then I found all the editing effects it has and completely fell in love with it! Its filters and light effects create some cool hipster edits and it's a really great app for making people look good...seriously. It also lets you add stickers and other tacky stuff like that which is so bad but so good.

This is the app I use to edit all my Instagram photos. It allows you to edit photos, create a collage and even make videos of your pics (though I've never used this element of it). Its filters aren't the best but it's really simple to use and you can upload to Instagram right after you've finished editing.

This one has been a recent addition to my devices but it's become a firm favourite already. I freaking love making lists and this app allows you to create as many lists as you can think of with separate headings, a check-list function and a sleek design to boot. The bonus of this app is you can share your lists across any devices you have as well as share them with other people to create collective lists - it definitely beats the 'Notes' app anyday!

Along with making lists, I also really enjoy counting down to things, and this app provides a beautiful, simple way to do so! If you've got a few things planned this year and want somewhere easy to find the number of sleeps left until your event, this is the perfect app for you.

Arriva m-Ticket
This app may seem boring but it is actually the most useful app and, because I'm secretly an old lady, I think it's really cool! I was always reluctant to get buses even if it made my commute easier because I never had change for the bus ticket and knew how unreliable they could be. This particular app allows you to buy a ticket on your mobile which you show to the driver when boarding but another bonus of the Arriva bus apps is that you can track where buses are using their GPS on board as well as check bus times and updates etc. Like I said; seriously cool stuff.

These are the main apps that I use on a day to day basis but others that I use less frequently include Duolingo (a free, interactive language-learning app) and iTunes U (a 100% free university app that allows you to access material from universities all over the world on a variety of subjects).

As well as these I have plenty of games that I play - enough to make up another post - so I may blog about these separately, though they aren't anything particularly different to the mainstream games of the moment! When you have several hours to kill on public transport it kinda becomes necessary to have a mobile game like Candy Crush to amuse yourself with, even if you are supremely bad at it....

Of course, mobile phones are only useful to a point and sometimes you do have to bite the bullet and talk to a stranger (!!!) or just look out the window instead of playing Frozen Free Fall. Modern technology is great in so many ways but becoming too attached and reliant on it both to assist and amuse you is, in my view, not recommendable. We are still physical beings, after all!

Either way, maybe this has given you some ideas for a couple of useful apps that you didn't realise you needed!

Stay inspired!

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