A Day In The Life Of Misha

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Although I love my dogs (and dogs in general) a whole lot there is one little lady that stands out from the rest...her name is Misha and she is the sassiest, cheekiest, most demanding little madam that has ever taken on the form of a dog. She's also incredibly sweet and loving and never fails to put a smile on my face.

Misha was found as a puppy hiding in someone's garage in Bosnia and she was brought to live with us in the UK at Christmas in 2012. Since then she has been a never-ending ball of fun and energy and I am so glad she is in our lives. If you want to read more about her or the other pooches in my life, read more on the post I wrote about them all here.

Anyway - enough from me! I'll let Misha take it from here...

HELLO! My name is Misha and this is me. I'm not a model, I swear. This is me on my bed that I let mummy use sometimes (okay most of the time...) and this is how I like to begin my day.

This is me showing how I feel about having to eat this slop for breakfast instead of the yummy peanut butter that mummy eats. Doesn't she know that I deserve the best?!!! (Also I love peanut butter)

Since I usually walk away from my food for a bit to show my UTTER DISGUST, it is quite common that one of my sisters will eat my breakfast for me while I'm sulking. At this point I will complain a lot because a girl's still gotta eat you know!!!

This is me asking nicely (sort of) to be let out after my breakfast. Sometimes I put up just a little bit of a fuss with this...just a little bit. [GN: She full on shouts at me until I let her out]

Me giving my best side eye. I spend most of the morning hanging with my sisters, usually by just watching whatever they're doing/trying to take whatever they're playing with. That's the fun part.

Giving mummy some attitude to show her that I am NOT happy that she told me to stop scratching her legs. I just wanted her to tickle me!!! Why does she have to do uni work all the time anyway?? Caring for me is a full time job as it is. Jeez.

Next comes walkies!!!! I love walkies!!!! If mummy doesn't get me into my harness and lead fast enough I let her know by biting and shouting at her. That shows her who's boss.

I LOVE RUNNING. I'm so quick I swear.

Oops!!!! Close up shot lol.

I like it when mummy spends time with us. I DO NOT like when she tries to kiss me. Like ew. No. GO AWAY. I will love you when I want to tyvm.

Har har very funny (not) they do suit me though. I can pull anything off.

Just having some laughs after dinner LOL. Mummy says I look like a stoner in this picture. I don't know what that is, I think it means I like stones (I do).

Mummy doesn't like it when I'm on the sofa. I do it anyway. No one else is allowed but me though!!! (Go away Alisa)

Just chilling in the evening on mummy's MY bed. She changes her blankets a lot. I don't mind though I can just make them smell like me again!!!

GOODNIGHT TO ALL MY FANS! Here's me being cute (as usual)

Here's what I look like when I don't get my own way (this is accompanied by a lot of yapping)

Back to me again. Well, there you have it! A day in the life of the most diva-ish little pup you'll most likely ever meet. That little girl is my ray of sunshine (despite all the nipping and scratching) and it's so horrible to think that there are so many dogs that came from the same place as her that are still waiting for a home!

Hope you enjoyed a little snippet of the sillyness that is my life - I'll return to some sort of normality next week (probably)!

Stay inspired,

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