Muddy Dog Challenge 2015: The Big Day!

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Yesterday was Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Muddy Dog Challenge which took place in Brockwell Park, London. The challenge consisted of a 2.5km or 5km run (that you could do with your dog!) with various obstacles along the way including some which involved you and your pooch getting nice and mucky.

I signed up for the event back in January and have been training and fundraising for it since - and it all paid off! I managed to exceed my fundraising target which was an amazing feeling and I feel so lucky to have received so much support from my friends and family. I decided to take part with Millie, my chocolate labrador, and it was really great to have some one-on-one time with her training for the event as well as taking part on the day.

My sister had my camera so snapped some shots of me and Millie running the course and tackling the obstacles! We were informed by the volunteers on the day that we should make sure our dogs were happy throughout the course and not to make them tackle anything they didn't want to but Millie was really good and only refused to do a couple of them. The day was a lot hotter than I was expecting and the park was quite hilly so it was a bit harder than I had anticipated to run for that length of time but we just took it easy and managed to finish the course in about 40 minutes.

Here are the pictures from the day - luckily my camera didn't pick it up but I was about as red as a tomato the whole time. A truly gorgeous look as you can imagine!

Being a goofball before the run. My start time was 11am so I didn't have to get up too early (I did anyway because I was excited) but it meant it was already quite warm

And we're off! Most people did run with dogs but there were quite a few running without. I'd say there were probably about 400 people on the day so a lot of money will have hopefully been raised for Battersea!

The first obstacle 'Dog Tyred'.

 Running up the massive hill was a killer and the course took you up and down it multiple times. Well: it was supposed to be a challenge!

 This obstacle consisted of crawling through some chalky water with Millie walking beside me. It was actually really refreshing even though it meant running with waterlogged shoes for the rest of it!

 At the top of the hill...again! This time it was for the final leg to the finish line though.

 And across the line!

 There were a couple of volunteers at the finish line who were taking pictures and giving out the medals/goody bags and Millie was just cuddling them for ages like "Please take me with you...she's been making me run...please..."

 I'm so proud of Millie for being such a good sport: she got lots of treats and cuddles and I think she actually quite enjoyed spending some time away from Misha and Alisa as she sometimes gets a bit outshined by them at home. Misha, as expected, was NOT happy that she didn't get to come with us and full-on shouted at me when we got home. Diva!

I've really enjoyed training for this event and I'm definitely going to keep on doing my bi-weekly runs, with or without the dogs. Having an event that you're working towards means that you get out more often as you know you've got something you need to be fit for! I'm gonna have a look to see if there are any 10k runs happening in the future, just so I have something to push me.

I wasn't able to post last week as I've been so overwhelmed with uni work and for now that's what I need to focus on. I do really enjoy getting a post up every week as it acts as a little diary of where I'm at over the months so maybe I'll just upload some progress pictures of my work for the next month or so...we shall see!

Stay inspired,

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