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 In 23 days I will have finished not only my degree and 17 years of education but also one of the most challenging chapters of my life so far. It feels bittersweet to be nearing the end now but I'm excited to experience the next chapter: the one that all this training has been leading up to (and should hopefully come in to play for).

I've been looking back on my time as a student and a young adult in general and have come to realise some remarkable things, people and experiences that have contributed to my ability to reach this stage in my life. A 'Gratitude List' is designed to help you realise all the factors that allow you to be the person you are today and to make you feel thankful for the life you have - no matter how "boring" or "insignificant" it may feel to you, I'm sure you can find at least 10 things that you should be grateful for. 

1. I am grateful for my health; for my ability to run, walk, cycle and maneuver without pain or restriction.

2. I am grateful for my family; for my mum and all that she has ever done for me; for my dad who supports and advises me; for my siblings for playing and fighting with me (in equal measures) but always, ultimately, being on my side and for the love that they all give to me.

3. I am grateful for my boyfriend; for everything that he has helped me through, for every moment that he's put my happiness and well-being before his own and for the endless, unconditional love he gives me.

4. I am grateful for my ability to learn, work and live freely without major restriction or discrimination based on any factor of myself that I cannot change. Though there may still be some constructs and social issues working against me, I am free to challenge them. 

5. I am grateful for my pets and all the joy they bring me; their unwavering loyalty and love is so special and should never be taken for granted.

6. I am grateful for all the fundamental things that are afforded to me; I never have to go hungry, I always have a place to sleep and I have enough funds to clothe myself as I like.

7. I am grateful for all of the people that are in my life; be they friends, peers, work colleagues or points of contact anywhere in the world, I feel lucky to be able to be social and connect with them for business or pleasure. 

8. I am grateful for books, movies and music; for the entertainment that they provide and the lessons they so often teach.

9. I am grateful for the change in seasons; I love the sunshine and warmth but also enjoy the rain and gloom; having a cycle that moves through all manner of weather types helps you to appreciate one against the other. 

10. Finally, I am grateful for myself and all that I've done to and for myself to shape me into a person that is capable, hard-working, open-minded and compassionate. I still have a way to go on my journey to become someone that I am totally proud to be but the work that I have invested in myself so far has paid off and is recognised by those who value my qualities.

There are so many things in our lives that are easy to take for granted because we almost always expect them to be there: that's not a person that I want to become. I value everything in my life and I have a new-found desire to express this gratitude to the people that make my life so amazing and enjoyable.

This year has been one where the hard work that I've put into my uni work has really started to show and I've felt more in control of what I'm doing: like my actions do matter and do have an effect. I feel ready to start the next chapter of my life but I owe so much of my confidence and ability to the people and situations that have allowed me to get to this point. 

I'm feeling a bit away with the fairies today (most likely caused by a little too much sleep combined with some very questionable dreams) and that, coupled with the surreal fact that I have less than two weeks until my final FINAL hand-in at uni, is most likely what's prompted this desire to blog these personal and epiphany-style thoughts.

Still - I hope this has helped you to evaluate your own life and pick some key things that you are grateful for. Life is actually pretty great, but you have to want to see it. 

Stay inspired,

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