Life Update | Summer 2015

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Whilst reclining in a deckchair by a pool on a glorious afternoon in a valley of Valencia in Spain, I thought what better way to make use of this free time than to reflect on the last couple of months. Taking a breather from the daily grind is always good for getting back to your roots as, by taking yourself out of your usual routine, you are granted a different perspective on your life. 

The last few months have been crazy for me. So much has happened and I've been so lucky in so many ways - one of those being the fact that I'm currently sipping on a whiskey and Coke whilst soaking up as much Spanish sunshine as I can ...

1. First and foremost .... I completed my degree! More than that though - I achieved a 2:1! It's no secret that I had a serious love/hate relationship with my course. I loved the subject but hated the way it was taught for the first two years. This changed in the last year and I managed to increase my average mark from 50% to 60%, now that's definitely something worth celebrating.

2. Leading on from this, my tutor for third year saw my potential and my skills (rather than the weaknesses my previous tutors had focused on) and recommended me to one of his architectural contacts in London. I went to an interview with the company and was offered the job at the end of it! The company is great and I learn so much every day - I'll definitely be begging to come back to them when I finish my post-grad. 

3. I started working a 9-5, Monday-Friday job, in the city. For all intents and purposes, I've become your typical commuter. I will not lie: commuting is not my favourite thing. Though I'm lucky I don 't have to get the tube (my office is directly opposite Waterloo) I still face an hour+ journey into work every day. I do make use of the time though - I got the Kindle app on my iPad and manage to read a book a week!

4. I went to America for the first time! It was amazing but definitely made ​​me appreciate England - on a number of levels! See what I got up to in My Floridian Experience post.

5. I got my first proper pay check. Oh boy. Being a grown up does have its perks.

6. I started growing my hair out. A crop is fun but expensive: to keep it in shape was costing me big time! I'm only planning on growing it to a bob at the moment but I'd like to put some color in it and keep it fun but a bit more low maintenance. 

7. The most recent one: I am on holiday with Dave! We're currently house/dog sitting for his Nan who has a beautiful villa near Alicante and it's so nice to have some time away and alone together. Dave has recently moved in with his mum in Staines so we only see each other a couple of times a week now and to have so much extended time together is lovely. 

I've got my graduation next Monday so that will be another event to be ticked off my list of achievements for this year. After that I've got a couple of days out to look forward to (including seeing Mary Berry bake live!) as well as my 22nd birthday (eek!) and a hefty amount of time off between Christmas and New Year which is given by the company for work - I told you they were amazing!

This summer has also been a good one for getting to know myself a bit better as well as reconnecting with friends and family. I really have no complaints thus far and even though I have enough experience of life to know that it's not always a smooth ride, I'm keeping my head and hopes up and continuing to work on maintaining a positive view on life. 

Stay inspired,

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