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Where would we be without good music? How would we cope without that perfect track to cheer you up, help you get ready for a night out or allow you to engulf yourself in your own emotions because it totally relates to how you're feeling? I'm pretty much your typical music enthusiast - I started by listening to songs on Youtube, then by downloading them (and endless viruses) via Limewire and now I mainly use Spotify to listen to my tracks of choice. For me to purchase music is very rare, and for me to purchase an entire album is even more so.

I came to the realisation recently that the only albums I've actually bought have all been of solo female artists and I think I know the reason why: an album is designed to be enjoyed in its entirety and, for me, solo females are best at creating a real experience through their music, track arrangement and interludes. Their albums are more than just a compilation of tracks, they embody something which is almost tangible and which allows you to get lost in the melodies and lyrics.

This isn't to say that male solo artists and bands can't create something of the same standard but, personally, its the work of female artists that speaks to me more.

Revival | Selena Gomez
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Released on 09/10/2015, this album is my newest investment and - having set the tone with her single 'Good For You' ft. A$AP Rocky - Selena totally delivered on this release. Considering all the personal struggles she's obviously been dealing with during the creation of 'Revival' (namely her break up with Justin Bieber and discovering she has Lupus - a disease which causes the immune system to, among other things, attack healthy tissue and organs) you've really got to hand it to her: the album is beautifully composed with a subtle variety of style across its 16 tracks. Her sound is inspiring and her lyrics are mature and considered but still with a fun, 'pop'-y feel to it

My favourite picks off the album (excluding 'Good For You') would have to be 'Same Old Love', 'Outta My Hands (Loco)' and 'Hands To Myself'. 

Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz | Miley Cyrus
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I was massively skeptical about this album: I've been a Miley fan for a long time (since the Hannah Montana days) and her personal change between her last controversial album (Bangerz) and her new release has been huge. I won't deny that there are some tracks on this album that are a bit too space age and 'trippy' for me but on the flipside there are others that I absolutely adore. 

The overall theme is one that focuses on self discovery, existentialism and dealing with the passing of loved pets. The album's ethereal qualities and thought-provoking lyrics make up for some of the more trashy and unnecessary songs on Dead Petz - an issue that has surely come as a result of the album being produced outside of Cyrus's label and editors. 

My fave tracks include 'BB Talk', 'The Floyd Song (Sunrise)', 'Space Boots and 'Bang Me Box'. It's not your usual album that one would expect from a world-famous, young popstar and that's why, in my opinion, it's worth an unprejudiced listen.  

1989 | Taylor Swift
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When Taylor Swift first came on the scene, I felt that I was too old to listen to her songs as they were introduced to me by my sister who is six years my junior. Fast forward almost a decade and now I probably love T-Swizz more than her! Taylor's songs are uplifting and energetic and most come with a down-to-earth message embedded in their catchy lyrics. 

I'd never really invested time into a Taylor Swift album before 1989 but I feel that her most recent release is perhaps a new angle for her: she's definitely come a long way since her country girl days. This album is fresh and optimistic and I hope her style continues to develop in the same way. My favourite songs off this album include 'Style', 'Bad Blood' and 'Clean'.

Aquarius | Tinashe
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I discovered Tinashe and her single '2 On' in October of last year as I was scouring the internet in search of some new music and inspiration. I then discovered that her upcoming album, 'Aquarius', was due to be released on my birthday and I took that as a sign that I needed to buy it! 'Aquarius' is an album which first introduced to me the idea of creating a compilation that followed a theme and acted as a musical of sorts, with interludes, spoken word and clips taken from Tinashe's own home videos to make you feel completely submerged in her world. 

In a word, 'Aquarius' is beautiful: its lyrics are unique and inspiring and the overall ambience of its tracks is almost haunting. This was the only CD I had in my car for quite a number of months and yet I genuinely never tired of it: it reminds me of driving alone at night and it transports me to a different frame of mind every time I listen to it. I love every track but my favourites would have to be 'Pretend', 'Far Side of the Moon' and 'All Hands on Deck'.

Born to Die | Lana Del Rey
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I was in HMV when I first heard 'Video Games' by Lana Del Rey and I remember thinking that the song was incredibly beautiful, haunting and unique in its sound. This album was one that I used to play every morning (no exaggeration) before college and it influenced the overall attitude and style that I adopted for those couple of years.

The album is one that mixes the complexity of love and glamour with raw, unapologetic circumstances into a compilation of songs that have a crooning, poignant feel to them. There are songs on this album which I think have just missed the angle that Lana was trying to achieve but others are hugely powerful in their thought-provoking lyrics and 1950s-inspired sound.

My favourite songs off the album include 'Summertime Sadness', 'Video Games' and 'Off to the Races'.
Let Go | Avril Lavigne
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This was one of the first albums I ever owned and I LOVED it. I think I can't have been much older than 10 when I first listened to 'Let Go' and even though I didn't fully understand the lyrics, I did know that I liked the sound and feel of Avril Lavigne's music style and it was Avril that first inspired me to pursue a 'grunge' style, both in music and fashion.

This album was such a classic for me - I had it in my CD player for weeks and knew the lyrics to every song backwards. It's hard for me to pick specific songs that were my favourite as I genuinely thought every song was amazing but if I had to choose, as an adult, my faves would have to be 'Losing Grip', 'Things I'll Never Say' and 'I'm With You'.

All of these albums have seen me through different times in my life and I'm glad that we have so many talented and active female artists in the world. Without their music I wouldn't be the person that I am today and I have a lot to thank them for in terms of the solace and inspiration that they've given me.

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