22 things I've learnt in 22 years!

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It's official...I'm no longer allowed to hide behind the "oh but I'm not a real adult - I'm only just 21!" excuse anymore. No, like 2012 Taylor Swift, I am truly feeling 22. I've never really been worried about growing up as age is just a number to me but being in your twenties definitely has a feeling of importance to it... I'm sure I've got lots of learning curves in store for me over the next eight years but the following points are what I've gleaned so far.

1. Being an adult has its perks: you've got more years of experience, you're that little bit wiser and you can say "you'll understand when you're older" to young people (something I hated as a child!)

2. You are free to do l i t e r a l l y whatever you want in life, so long as you take responsibility for your actions and their consequences.

3. Don't neglect your health. Drink water, eat yo greens and try to sleep 6-8 hours a night. Love yourself!

4. Never assume you know which airport you are flying from.

5. The best way to find out your alcohol limit is to drink as much as you can in the shortest space of time go slow and stay hydrated/fed - you'll thank yourself later!

6. Whatever career you choose to follow, work at it to the best of your ability. Find a subject that speaks to you, no matter what it is.

7. True friends are hard to come by but worth the wait. 

8. Cutting all your hair off is extremely liberating! Being unique is fun! Yay freedom!

9. There's no shame in being a big kid sometimes, reconnecting with your inner child is a great source of happiness. Plus, Disney films are so cute! 

10. Be kind to all living things unless they give you a reason not to: even then, take pity - not offence. 

11. Eat the thing! You're young! You've got plenty of time to actually watch your weight but now is not that time!

12. Take time to focus on yourself and your personal growth, if you aren't happy with something about yourself - work to change it!

13. No one is judging you as much as you think they are - it's more likely that they're not thinking about you at all. 

14. Love is love and it often knows no logical limits. Don't deny yourself true love but also ensure you aren't paying a hefty price for it. 

15. Sometimes, money does buy happiness.

16. Letting your emotions run you can be exhausting - learn to better manage them and if you have to be anything, be happy. Choose happiness.

17. If it's late at night and you're feeling angry or upset, go to sleep. Your mind is not your friend when you're tired.

18. Take some chances! Commit to DOING things. There's so much you can do and it always feels much better to do something instead of nothing.

19. This being said, days off are so important because you are so important. Taking a day or two out of 'regular life' won't cause any harm. Focus on doing things that are for your benefit and happiness.

20. Karaoke and interpretative dance to 90s pop songs in your bedroom is a great stress reliever.

21. Never stop learning. We live in a world where we have a nigh on limitless wealth of knowledge at our literal fingertips. 

22. Be so grateful for your life, whichever form it's in. There are so many things to experience on this earth and so many amazing people to share it with. Create a life that you treasure and never take anything for granted. I know it's cliche but that's because it's too real not to be!

The ultimate lesson I've learnt is to just live a life that you're proud of. It's all about perspective, relativity and attitude and you have way more power than you'd think. I've still got a way to go on this journey and I'm looking forward to experiencing the good things and learning from the not-so-good things.

Stay inspired, 

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