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Why is that I find all the clothes I want when I have no funds but can find nothing I like/in my size when payday finally comes around?! The struggle is real.
Usually I'm quite frugal even when it comes to wishlists as I've gotten so used to the student mindset but now that I'm earning some real dollar (ish) I decided to choose things that I actually like and to only think a little bit about the pric etag.

Pinafores seem to be a definite must at the moment and if I'm honest I'm surprised that I am yet to buy one as they would work so well with my wardrobe! I am lusting over everything in the Kendall & Kylie collection for Topshop (unashamed Kardashian/Jenner fan over here) and I've been pleasantly surprised by the collection by TU recently: especially their light up Christmas jumpers.
I'm all about the faux fur and am just trying to decide whether it would be too much to pair a faux fur stole with the coat and the hat that I've shown here....it probably would be, but I definitely wouldn't be cold!
Hopefully I'll be able to put some of these bits on my Christmas wishlist but others will need to be a treat to myself - if you work hard you gotta treat yourself hard too. It's the rule.

Stay inspired,

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