My Furry Family

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I bought my camera in October 2014 and have been happily snapping many beautiful pictures ever since. The other day I decided to look back through some of the photos that I've taken and realised that I had over 1,500 photos that needed sorting through and transferring to my laptop. As I was looking through I found lots of photos of my pets - who I love to take shoot as they always look so adorable in ever photo - and thought I would compile some of them to create a little photo diary of the furry loves of my life!



Misha is a Corgi x Chihuahua and is the baby of the family. That being said, she thinks she's the boss! Day to day you can find her stretching out on one of her beanbags or trying to sneak upstairs to go and sleep on one of our beds. She also enjoys barking at you until you guess what she wants - she's a diva!



Alisa is my little angel. She's a very soft and gentle soul but is quick to defend what is hers (she does this mainly by barking at squirrels in the trees in our garden). She loves curling up by the fire but also enjoys chasing and playing with Misha at any opportunity.


Our old faithful, chocolate Labrador Millie is a big softy whose big loves are food and tennis balls. She likes to follow you everywhere and even though she's not as keen for affection as the other two she can't resist cuddling with you in the evenings.


Marco is our sweet lover boy kitty. He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses to everyone, especially as he's being carried like a baby. His other hobbies include eating all the food before our other cat can get a look in and asking to be let out, then let in, then let out again, then let in again....


Laila is a funny one. She's very sweet and meek and doesn't leave the ever. She goes from my bedroom, to my sister's bedroom, to her litter tray and food bowls and that's pretty much it. She doesn't like being picked up but if you're lucky she'll come and sit near to you with her back turned away from you, purring. That's about as good as it gets, but we love her.


This is Clarence. He is my sweet little goldfish. He was an unwanted pet from somebody else and he loves gasping at me and eating delicious fish flakes.

Ginger, Rhonda and Matilda

 This a picture of three of our eleven chickens blending into some autumn leaves. They give us plenty of eggs in return for the numerous scraps of food and vegetable peelings that we give them (as well as regular chicken food and water). These three particularly like to follow you around the garden and eat all the lovely flowers.

If you want to read more about the dogs you can find a more in-depth post on them here. They feature the most in my world as they are the most needy of all our pets, but they are also the most entertaining and give us all a lot of happiness. I know that I am extremely lucky to have the pets that I do and I would never take them for granted: they're all perfect in their own way and each can give as much enjoyment to you as the next.

Now I just can't wait to get my own place and start my own smallholding! (Maybe)

Stay inspired,

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    I loooove dogs!
    You are so lucky! I have just one dog..And I want like 2 more, but my apartment is too small :D