My Goals for 2016

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I was going to write a review of 2015 but I have actually recorded the majority of events in various life updates on this blog over the year so I've decided to look to the future and make some realistic goals for the year ahead. Some are more important to me than others, but I think this will serve as a good base to start from - my plan is to review how some of these plans are coming along in about 4-6 months time, maybe with another blog post!

1 - Work on spending more time away from my mobile phone
 Especially in regard to unnecessary checking of social media. This is partially because I find it to be addictive (and my willpower needs some work) and also because it takes something away from real life. If you're checking the worlds of other people how can you focus on your own? I tallied up how many times I go to unnecessarily check my phone in a standard day and it came to an average of 3 times an hour with the time spent on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook totalling over an hour per day - pretty crazy! My aim is to cut down unnecessary phone checks to one every two hours and see if I can spend that extra time a little more wisely.

2 - Attempt to complete some extra curricular architecture work.
I used to love doing sketches and research on buildings that I love the design of and since starting real life architecture work that's kind of fallen by the wayside (also since I had to do so much of this for uni it was kind of nice to take a break from it!) and I'd like to get back into it. Maybe I'll aim for one sketch/mini review of a project per month.

 3 - Save money.
At the moment my plan is to finish my current job in August this year and return to university to complete my post-graduate degree in September. This will mean being poor for another two years (booooo) and I'm not sure if the course will allow time for part-time work like I've done before. For that reason, I'm aiming to save between £200-£400 to hopefully help with the cost of living during the first year of postgrad study. If I find that I can take on some part-time work then the money I've saved will be put towards my next goal...

4 - Plan an extended trip in Europe.
Long story short, I realised that I don't have too many opportunities in the next few years to do a couple of weeks travelling around Europe. It's something I've been interested in doing for a couple of years and I've got enough places that I want to go and things that I want to see to take up at least a couple weeks. Top of my list is Belgrade, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. I've estimated that I'd need to save about £1000 to comfortably travel between the places I'm interested in so this could prove a bit more difficult if I can't work over uni. Either way I'll aim to save alongside paying for a few low-cost holidays this year.
Aaannnddd I think that's enough to be getting on with for now! I hate the term 'New Year's Resolution' as it signifies that there is some problem with you/your life that needs resolving and most resolutions end in failure; some because people lose interest or forget and others because their aims were unrealistic. With these goals I'm going to try and measure how well I'm working towards them and hopefully they'll lead to me feeling happier and more accomplished.
What are your goals for 2016?
Stay inspired,

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