5 Things I Learnt In My First Month As A Scooter Commuter

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Before I start, I'd just like to congratulate myself for coining the term 'Scooter Commuter' and, as nerdy as that sounds, getting a scooter was the best decision I think I've made during my adult life so far.

I've been at my job in London for six months now and our office has recently moved from directly opposite Waterloo to a cosy place just off of Borough High Street. It's a twenty minute walk from Waterloo station, the same length of time on a train/tube or....a 10 minute scoot!

I asked for a new scooter for Christmas as I was pretty sure my Ozbozz folding scooter that I've had since the age of 10 wouldn't quite cut it and was pleasantly surprised to find that you can get a decent scooter for under £50. The one I have is a Oxelo Town 5 model from Decathlon and it is fan-tas-tic. I seriously love it. It's got good sized wheels, a sleek and modern design and can be folded completely in less than 30 seconds.

January was my first month trialling the scooter and, apart from having to re-learn a good scooting technique, here are five lessons I learned during my first month as a Scooter Commuter (I'll stop now).

  1. London pavements are SO bumpy, uneven and at times so narrow that you can barely have two people pass each other walking, let alone with one of them on a scooter. This meant that, for some parts of my journey, I had to take to the road which has an even bumpier surface for the most part. Basically a bumpier surface = less gliding = more leg work = a harder workout! I'm not sure why but I'd envisioned the whole thing being super smooth: I was quickly shown otherwise.

  2. Trying to hurriedly fold/unfold the fiddly bits of your scooter will break your nails. So either I'm going to have to take it a bit slower or hold off on intricate manicures for the time being!

  3. Scooting over the bobbly bits on the pavement makes a noise not too dissimilar to a machine gun being fired off and is guaranteed to earn you some alarmed double takes by pedestrians. This is, however, something I have gotten used to and now get great amusement from.

  4. There is little else that gives me as much pleasure as scooting at speed past other pedestrians. Like, I really don't understand why anyone who doesn't have a walk longer than 30 minutes doesn't have their own scooter! It's cool! I swear! (This will, unfortunately, earn you a fair deal of tutting but hey - they're probably just annoyed at the fact that they haven't got one.)

  5. Remembering to change pushing legs is important and actually easy than I thought. Granted I find it harder to go up and down kerbs when using my less dominant leg but I'm getting there and I've got to switch it up unless I want to have just one crazy strong leg. 
All in all, having a scooter has improved my commute hugely and I now already find it weird to walk anywhere at a normal pace...like...why? I could just scoot. 

(I think I'm obsessed.) 

Stay inspired!

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  1. I love this!! I think I need one... How do you dodge pedestrians though when they're coming both directions, do you have to stop?

    1. It can be really tricky! I basically just have to hover awkwardly behind them...which usually makes them think I'm trying to rev them up or something haha. If only there was a scooter lane, now that would be good!

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