A Mother's Love

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Me & Mum (L-R) Sydney, 1995; Christmas Party 2014; My Graduation 2015

With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday (if you'd forgotten now is the time to sort out something thoughtful!) I thought I would reflect on the time I've had with my mother so far - or what I can remember anyway!

I was born in Hong Kong on the 4th November 1993 and, being the first born, was showered with gifts, visits, love and attention from my parents and family (something I'm glad still happens today of course ;-) ). I spent the first couple of years of my life living in Hong Kong and then Sydney before moving to the UK in 1995.

Growing up, I never felt that I lacked anything in my life and I would say that I had a great childhood: I have really fond memories of being young and my experience of being a child was a full and enjoyable one. Now that I'm older and far from being a child (or so I'd like to think) I realise that my happiness and enjoyment of this time was the primary responsibility of my mum and her efforts (and sacrifices).
My mum had always wanted to be a mother and she made a massive effort to give her children the best possible life; this included moving to the UK, alone, at the age of 21 to make a new, better life for herself and her future family. She had to work incredibly hard to make her way up the career ladder and I have total respect for how much effort and work she put in every day to secure a well-paid and established job.

My mum when she was around my age!
As a child, I was lucky enough to have my mum at home most of the time and she put in 1000% effort every day with her motherly and household duties. We always had home cooked meals and were never short for toys, crafts and activities. She regularly took us on days out to farms and theme parks and my siblings and I took part in more after school clubs than I can even remember! I do feel incredibly privileged to have had a childhood that was full of happy and supportive things and I realise now how positively that has affected me in later life.
I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for my mum at times; raising three kids (mostly singlehandedly), running a five-person household, working various part-time jobs, hosting parties and get togethers with friends and family and just generally dealing with the struggles that can come with daily life.
I've recently realised that she would have had to work incredibly hard to just stay afloat with all these tasks, but she also worked to give me and my siblings the best possible experience whilst also making sure we stayed on a good path. She has always believed in giving us the best advice and help but still allowing us to be in control of our lives (where appropriate) whilst preventing us from taking unnecessary risks.

 A small selection of some of the birthday cakes she has made for me over the years!
I feel like when you're a child you don't really realise or fully appreciate how much your mum does for you and then you become a teenager who, usually, quite actively acts ungratefully towards her! But as you mature and become an adult, there really should be a healthy relationship between yourself and your mother, and an active appreciation for all she's done for you.
The job of motherhood is the oldest one going, and I'm starting to realise how much you do with little to no recognition or sign of gratitude while you provide something really amazing for another human being. I used to be massively opposed to having children (and sometimes still feel that way when I'm in the proximity of a child having a particularly bad tantrum) but I wouldn't want to not have that experience.
I don't feel that I'm ready to have a kid just yet - not only because I have things I want to do child-free but I think I need to feel a bit more secure and confident in myself so I have the best possible chance of not screwing up my kid. But hey - you never know: I might be a terrible parent and still end up with a child that loves me! Here's hoping.
The prospect of motherhood both terrifies and excites me so much and I'm looking forward to being ready for that chapter in my life. I also can't wait for my mum to become a grandmother - I know she'd really love that.

My mum on a beach in Australia in 2009 - if I look this good age 50 I'll be more than happy!

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  1. Interesting and lighthearted, Keep it up Georgina,you definately have the makings of a good Blogger, Good luck for your Future XX

    1. Thank you Janet :) I hope you and Ken are both well xxx