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Although I'd heard of Bershka before and visited their stores in Amsterdam and Oxford Street, I hadn't really taken the time to properly look through their selection. I visited their website a couple of weeks ago and saw that they had an unbelievably good sale on and immediately scrolled through everything and anything that was in my size. 

Their deals were so good and I know their items are pretty good quality so when I was seeing tops and dresses for £5 I didn't hold back! Bershka has a playful, affordable style with a distinctly European feel to it and I'd say their quality/prices are en par with those of New Look. My favourite clothing item that seems to be a trademark of theirs are their graphic print tops, they need to be seen to be appreciated so head over to their site to see what I mean (or scroll down to see my wishlist). 

Light Blue Denim Shirt
Shirt: Bershka
Skirt: New Look
Snood: Next
Boots: Matalan

If double denim is wrong, why does it feel so right? I love the contrast of colours between the shirt and skirt and I feel the burgundy of the snood helps to warm up the blues.  I'm also loving these Matalan ankle boots - they've surpassed all expectations and I pretty much live in them now.

'Live In Random, Forget Rules' Long Sleeve Top
Top: Bershka
Jacket: Mango
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Nike

As I was saying, I love the slogans on Bershka's tops and this particular one, although not quite phrased correctly, just really spoke to me. I've teamed it on top of a white vest with my trusty leather jacket and very comfortable Stefan Janoski's for a chilled, layered look. 

Velvet Floral Playsuit

Playsuit: Bershka
Boots: Faith
Jacket: Mango

love this playsuit. Do you know what I love even more? It cost me £5. I told you their sale was incredible! The fit is perfect for my body shape and it fits me in all the right places. I'd prefer to wear this without tights but the current weather wouldn't really allow it! I save these heeled boots for nights (or posh days) out as they're just that bit too high to be totally comfortable.


Isn't is always the way that once you've bought a load of clothes, a load more get released that you just have to have? Yep, that's my situation. Luckily payday has just been so I can treat myself to a couple (or all) of these wishlist items. My key pieces to get are that Kiss Print sweater (which says "more self love" across the back - ahh!) and the Wrap Skirt, as I think it will work well both at the office and in a casual setting. 

I'd like to think that I can pull off those Cargo Pants, so maybe I'll order those too and see how they look. Oh and I definitely need those Platform Sandals to go with my new playsuit....looks like I may be buying it all then ;-) 

My style changes from day to day so I find that I need a good mix of formal and casual items in my wardrobe and Bershka definitely seems to sit somewhere in the middle. 

Stay inspired,

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(Update: I just placed a £100 Bershka order....oops!)

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  1. I love Bershka, that's actually where I got my all time favourite skirt from. The playsuit looks amazing and so does the denim skirt! The kiss sweater is adorable, I'm tempted to get one myself. ;) x

    1. I'm so glad I found them! Can definitely see some favourite wardrobe items coming from there. Ahh they're selling out fast so you might have to be quick! Thanks for stopping by :)

      Georgie xo

  2. I've only been in Bershka once and never actually bought anything. The playsuit you are wearing looks amazing and I love the denim shirt. I'll have to go in again and make more of an effort!

    Sam -


    1. I was the same - the shops don't seem to do the brand much justice! Ah thank you, I couldn't believe how well the playsuit actually fit :)

      Yes I would definitely suggest taking a closer look, or visiting their website!

      Georgie xo

  3. Loving your leather jacket, it really pairs well with everything! Mango seems to have some really nice stuff from what I've seen in people's blog posts. No clue why I've never even walked inside the store!

    Sally - DiagonSally

    1. Thank you! I love how leather jackets can just totally complete a look. Mango is another favourite of mine - would definitely recommend visiting their store/site :)

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Georgie xo