What's In My Bag?

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Answer: everything. Well, almost. After sifting through the receipts, discarded pieces of gum and no less than 8 pens/pencils/a scalpel (??? - don't worry, it was from my architecture student days) I finally pulled out the key elements that make up the resource that is, my hand bag. 
This is the bag that I use day to day. It was a 21st birthday present from my mum and it has served me ridiculously well. This particular bag was from a TK Maxx store (Paul Costelloe is a fair bit pricier) and it's served me so well.
The fluffy bag charm is from New Look and I love its eyes - it makes it seem like my bag has its own pet! Plus, I just love anything fluffy.

1 - Notebook and Diary | I hate feeling unorganised and always like to keep a notebook with me to jot down ideas or make lists and use my diary to plan for future events and things that I need to remember. The notebook (with the white/black animal print) is from Paperchase and the pink floral planner is a Filofax from Amazon.
2 - Ipod Nano | I always need my music with me! In fairness, this item has become a bit obsolete since I got Spotify premium, but I still like to bring it with me as it has some songs on it which you can't find on Spotify.
3 - Travel Card Holder | This adorable little wallet was a Christmas present from one of my aunties and is so cute. I keep my Oyster card, 16-25 railcard and any day tickets in here.
4 - Snack | I hate feeling hungry so having a snack with me is a necessity. I usually try to keep it pretty healthy (with these Ryvita minis or a Graze snack) but occasionally biscuits do end up in there...I'm only human!
5 - Lip Products | I like to keep at least one lip product with me but I usually have both a lip balm and a lip stick/gloss. One to keep my lips hydrated and the other to give myself a bit of a lift if I find I'm going out somewhere short notice. The lip balm I'm currently using is the EOS Strawberry Sorbet and this lipstick is one from Maybelline in the shade 'Rosewood Pearl'.
6 - Mini Umbrella | I rarely wear clothing items with hoods and I do live in England so always try to keep an umbrella with me, just in case. This particular one is from Sainsbury's and has a dog pattern on it.
7 - Berocca | Commuting to London and working in an office has taught me that it's important to keep yourself as healthy as possible, and Berocca is great for helping the immune system, plus - it's a nice alternative to just having water.
8 - Hand Cream | If you know me, you'll know that I hate having dry hands. It makes me want to scratch my own skin off (nice!) so having hand cream with me, especially in winter months, is essential. This particular cream is from Laura Mercier in the scent Ambre Vanille.
9 - Compact Mirror | It's always handy to have a mirror with you, even if it's just to check your lipstick during a day/night out. I use mine when I'm late for work and am applying my make up on the train...This particular mirror was a gift from my lovely friend Becky.
10 - Purse | This is the money maker (literally...well, kind of) and pretty much the only thing I really need to have with me. It's another Paul Costelloe item (and another TK Maxx find) and I love its dusty green colour and sleek, simple design.
Misha decided she needed to get in on the action!
I find it really difficult to go anywhere without taking my bag and all its trick with me but I love when you're able to help others with something that I always carry with me, like a snack or a paracetamol; it also gives me the chance to prove that it is worth carrying all of it around with me!
Stay inspired,
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  1. Ooh!! I'm a planner girl! Never tried using a Filofax but I find it really small and compact, at least I want it to give a try. ;)

    1. Since writing this post I've actually switched to using a bullet journal for all my planning needs! But Filofaxes are a great classic planner :)

      Georgie xo

    2. Awesome! I do journaling too but not bullet. I honestly don't know what's the difference between "bullet journal", and the regular "journal" thingy. O.o