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Have you ever seen a confused octopus eating spaghetti? Or a disguised giraffe playing air guitar? Welcome to the world of RANDOMISE.

Draw, act or describe your way to victory!

Hello friends!
Today I've got something rather exciting to share with you. It's a new type of game called Randomise which I trialled with my cousins and aunties/uncles this weekend - and we really enjoyed it!
As an extended family we have always really enjoyed our games of charades or pictionary when we all get together at Christmas/birthdays and Randomise is a game that combines the key elements of those games with a twist!

How to play!
You split into two teams and take it in turns to pick three cards (one from each pile) with the other team giving you three numbers from one to three (ie. one, three, two) and then you choose a description (from card A), a thing (from card B) and an action (from card C) and then act, describe and draw this for your team. 
As you can see from some of the possible combinations of cards, it can be a bit tricky (and absolutely hilarious) to act out some of the combinations. You can try to act the whole thing or break it down into its three parts which is what we did initially, but towards the end when it started to get competitive we challenged each other to do the whole thing!

One thing that me and my family really enjoyed about the game was the different options on how to play and the choice that you could get (act, describe or draw) when trying to help your team guess the combination you have on your cards. We also liked that there were two levels of difficulty as our ages range from 9 to 22 so it was good to have some easier options.
On a slightly different note, I can also imagine this game being extra hilarious if you'd had a couple of drinks, because some of the combinations really require you to think outside the box with your actions or descriptions - and I can only imagine the state of the drawings that could be created!
The only thing that we found to be a slight flaw was that, as we came back to some of the cards we'd already played, it became easier to guess the answers because we'd already seen the same actions/depictions. However the game is totally adaptable so we thought that if you have more people (we had nine in total) you can just work your way down the card and have six rounds in total - three easy, three hard.
Another way you can adapt the game to make it harder for adults (or just level the playing field) is to allow less time for your team mates to guess or make it so that you can't use the same method of showing your answer as the player before you.
What we thought!
It was a really fun game that was enjoyed by all and it was good to have a proper set of cards with things to act/describe/draw on them as opposed to film titles/actions/celebrities scribbled on scraps of paper as we would usually have done.
The game in action!
I'd definitely recommend this game for family groups and think it would work perfectly in the same setting that me and my family would use it: on a Sunday afternoon for some easy fun with some tea and snacks.
I'd give this product a 9/10 - it was really good fun, quick to understand and could be enjoyed by all ages, we even had some of the adults joining in at some points! Board and card games are underrated and it's good to see some new ones coming in to the mix. 
Randomise is available to buy now from Amazon.
Do you and your family/friends play these types of games? Is Randomise a game that you'd be interested in trying? 
Stay inspired,
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