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 Hello friends!
Today I'm going to be talking about my relationship with the different social media platforms that I use, and how I utilise them to my advantage. I've always loved social media, even way back when it was a choice between Myspace and Bebo (I had both) and now we have multiple platforms for multiple uses.
You can find all my social media links in the sidebar (including a couple that I haven't mentioned here) so feel free to check me out ;-)
Instagram is the big one for me: it's my favourite platform and I love it. I try to keep my pictures poignant and aesthetically interesting but I'm not concerned if they're a little bit less so if it's something I really want to share.
I tried to maintain a theme in the past but it felt so limiting and I found I could only post images of things that matched the theme. People who do have themes always have the most beautiful pages but it's just not for me!
Instagram is a great image sharing platform but it's also really good for finding a whole range of information from beauty inspo and meal ideas to getting a peek into so many diverse lives all over the world.
I love using the explore page and there's so much great content that's being shared on Insta, I'm interested to see which direction it's going to go in.

I mostly use Twitter when I'm out and about and want to document thoughts/events that happen around me. Usually, this is when I'm on the train somewhere as there's always plenty going on!
Recently, I've started making use of the great Twitter chats that I take part in and it makes it so easy to keep up with blogger community. At the moment I'm mainly active in the #TheGirlGang and #SmileItsMonday chats which take place on Monday at 6pm and 9pm but if I have time I'll try to join in with the #ltbloggers chats that happen every day at 1pm.
Also, Twitter is where I go to complain to big companies, lol.

Facebook has changed a lot since I first started using it way back in 2008(!). People use it less to update others about their lives in statuses and more to 'check in' to places and share videos and articles etc.
Although I'm more active on other platforms, it is really good for keeping in touch with family members/people who aren't on Instagram etc.
I have a page for my blog (Georgie Nicks) which I use as a sort of buffer between my blog and Facebook friends. My personal profile mainly just has pictures of dogs on it - what else?!
This isn't a platform that I use so much anymore but I still love certain elements of the site and that unattainable, aesthetically brilliant life that it seems to ooze. I find that it can be really calming if you follow the right people and post pictures that are 'just so' - and then reblog them to your own collection!
Nowadays it's a really good way to stay current on global and social issues and there's a lot more positive activity happening there.
I used to spend hours on the site every night when I was about 17, I just remember endlessly scrolling and it's like an old friend now.
Yay Pinterest! That's my first reaction when I think of good old Pinterest, haha. I use it to compile everything from baking inspiration to wedding ideas to architecture work that inspires me.
I actually get to use Pinterest at work when we're looking for precedents/ideas during the feasibility stage of a project and I find that you can often get better and more specific types of images than those you might find on Google.
If you're feeling nosey by all means click through to my links and take a look around - and if the desire to follow strikes you feel free to act on it! I'm nice and I follow back, internet friends are the bomb. Leave any and all social media links below and let me know which is your fave!
Stay inspired,

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