Roadtrip to Bosnia: Part 1

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Hello friends!
I've just got back from a little Easter holiday that involved a 2000 mile European road trip which took me through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. As you can imagine, I saw some really beautiful sights along the way and thought I'd share some of my favourite snaps - there's quite a few so I'll be splitting this travel diary into two parts, with the next segment coming next week.
As my mum is from Bosnia, we often travel there to visit family and friends and have found that driving through Europe to get there makes for a nice break and a literal change of scenery.
We left home early on Friday 25th March and, once across the channel, headed straight to Dunkerque to pick up some croissants and coffee. I had a delicious bunny-shaped chocolate brioche bun which was so cute! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen the image below, in which you can spot the Brioche bunnies in the middle on the top shelf!
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As this was going to be a journey lasting at least 30 hours, I obviously needed a killer playlist to keep me going. This particular track just has that perfect 'roadtrip' feel to it and makes for some easy listening.

As the suicide bombings in Brussels had only happened a few days before we were travelling, we tried to avoid the city but did actually end up going through it and getting majorly stuck in traffic because the police had closed a lot of roads and everybody was trying to get out of the city. We later found out this was due to an Anti-Islam rally that was taking place.

This image was taken as we were just coming into Dusseldorf. I've no idea why but every time I've visited Germany it's always been grey! The architecture of the cities is pretty grey too so the whole atmosphere is just kind of bleak haha. I still love the country though!

This was taking as we were heading towards the train station to board our sleeper train which took us from Dusseldorf to Vienna. It's such a lovely way to travel as you just load your car on the back and then have a sleeping cabin on the main part of the train. In total it takes about 12 hours and eases some of the distance of the journey.

This was taken at a stop about an hour outside of Vienna. Austria is such a gorgeous country to drive through. The mountains are so awe inspiring and everything feels so fresh and open.

Another Austrian view! I love the winter colours here, but I bet this view would be even more amazing in Summer.

This is the view from our house in Bosnia. It's a small house in an agricultural area just outside of Banja Luka and has beautiful views all around. The orange building you can see in this image is an old house that wasn't finished before we bought the land which we will be knocking down and repurposing.

The land around the house is quite meadow-like so has some lovely wildflowers with lots of wildlife all around. There's also a stream that runs through the end of the garden so it's really lovely and peaceful.

Our first evening was spent opening up the house and then we headed out to a local food place for Ćevapi - a favourite dish over in Bosnia which is like the best kebab ever. It's essentially minced beef sausage patties in a soft bun served with fresh raw onion and soft cheese. It's amazing.

As the sky is a lot less polluted by both light and air traffic, it makes for some beautiful sunsets. This was taken just outside of our house and it was so quiet; you can't hear any road noise or airplanes which was actually a first for me!
Keep your eyes open for next week's post as it will feature some images of the town of Banja Luka as well as pics of the three little rescue puppies that we brought back to the UK with us!
Stay inspired,
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