Roadtrip To Bosnia: Part 2

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Hello friends!

If you missed Part 1 of this travel diary you can catch up here; these are my favourite pictures from the second half of our holiday to Bosnia which mostly consisted of caring for three sweet little rescue dogs that came back with us to the UK to find new homes!

This is Brams (or Bam Bam as we've taken to calling him - like the little boy in the Flintstones) and he is a sweet, playful little pup that loves cuddles.
All three pups were find abandoned together with Brams and Bernice (below) being brother and sister and the third dog, Bobo, thought to be their guardian!

This sweet little angel is Bernice (now named Gracie by her new owners) and she is the most adorable little lady I've ever met. She was found within hours of death when she was rescued and as such is quite a bit smaller than her brother, Brams. She may be small but she definitely doesn't take crap from any other dogs and she isn't afraid to stand up for herself! It's the cutest thing ever.

Finally we have Bobo (now named Bono by his new owners) and this guy was a little different to the others as he had definitely lived in a house and had an owner before. He was a little more nervous than the other two so instead of spending the journey home in his cage he spent it on my lap! He's such a sweet, gentle boy who has gone to a loving new home just over the road from us.

The town of Banja Luka is surrounded by beautiful mountains, as you can see in this image, and has the brilliantly blue river (the Vrbas) running through it.

As both of my mum's parents passed away in Bosnia, we always dedicate some time to going to visit their graves when we visit. The cemetery is set on one of the hillsides and always looks beautiful.

This is a war memorial dedicated to the Bosnian people who died in the Second World War and there are other war memorials in the same style (large, concrete monoliths) all around Bosnia & Herzegovina.

After visiting the cemetery we decided to journey up to the top of one of the other mountains to visit another memorial. You used to be able to drive almost to the top but they've closed the road in recent years so you can only drive half way up and then walk the rest of the way. It's such a unique hike as you're walking on a disused road which felt strange!

The one thing we noticed about this route was that there was a bit of graffiti around but they were mainly of really inspirational quotes! Much nicer than the swear words/penises that you see around England haha. This bench seemed to be one that was debating correct grammar/spelling. As Bosnia, and ex-Yugoslavia in general, is still divided, there are some differences in dialects and languages between the countries that is really similar, but different enough to dispute it like this I suppose!

The weather was lovely (about 26C) and it was so nice to be out in nature. I've never really walked up a mountain (especially not on a main road) and it felt so good.

Once at the top we stopped at really lovely restaurant that was set into the mountain with a great view down. I had some mushroom quesadillas and a strawberry juice smoothie (the best) and after a little rest we headed back down the mountain - a journey that took about half the time as walking up. This little bird seemed to be stuck on the ground and I took the opportunity to get some close up shots.
The rest of the holiday was spent catching up with friends, visiting the town centre for ice cream and coffee and relaxing in our little house. It was really good to get away and after experiencing temperatures above 16C for the first time in 6 months I am more than ready for summer to come.
Stay inspired,
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