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Hello friends!
It's getting to that time of year again where I'm feeling the closeness of summer and the desire to get away! This is the second post in this series (read the first one on my European destinations here) and it mostly stems from my underlying wanderlust.
New York
I feel like I'm the only person that hasn't been to this city yet! I've got a whole host of reasons for wanting to go here, from admiring the architecture and unique city scape to finding the places where hit TV shows like Gossip Girl and Friends were filmed. I'd just want to do all the typical things like shopping, eating great food and catching a Broadway show!
Los Angeles
If I'm honest, I think I'd actually prefer to see LA before I go to NYC. The never ending summer scene would be amazing and I'd want to just spend the days like all the celebs that live here seem to do: cruising around, going to the mall, getting some In 'n' Out Burgers and then partying it up! In my head, I'll meet Kylie Jenner/Miley Cyrus/Anyone Famous too.

Tel Aviv
I feel like Israel still has a lot of stigma surrounding it, and I do understand that it's a place that maybe isn't 100% 'safe', but I don't think the city of Tel Aviv is (or should) suffer for it. It's a beautiful city full of amazing history and as it's situated on the coast it has some great city beaches too.
 Tokyo Tower, Akabanebashi Eki 赤羽橋駅, Japan
Contributor: Harry WangDownload here.
Omg Tokyo. I need to go so bad. I'd want to go in April/May time to experience the beautiful cherry blossom season. My top things to do would be to eat some great sushi, see some of their live shows (which look so crazy) and visit one of their many beautiful temples - probably the Meiji Shrine. My boyfriend also wants to check out the car/drifting scene which I'll admit I'm interested in too!
Hong Kong
Going back to my roots! I was born in Hong Kong and lived here with my parents for a year so I've heard loads of stories about what the place is like - now I just want to experience it for myself. I think I'd also tie this visit in with a trip to mainland China.
After living in Hong Kong, we then moved out to Sydney when I was about one. Australia has always held a lot of interest for me and I'd just want to explore the city and the country in general. I would probably team a trip to Brisbane with this one to visit a friend that I have out there.
This is where I want to go for my honeymoon! I can't think of anything better than relaxing in the water, eating fruit and drinking cocktails and just chilling more than is possible anywhere else I think.
Another architecturally interesting visit for me but I'm also desperate to try Tim Hortons and see some of the amazing natural scenery that Canada has to offer.
I've always wanted to visit India but I feel like there's so many places you could visit and get a different experience in each. Kolkata appeals to me for its history, landscape and good food.
 I'll admit that this one is mainly on my list because of the beautiful description of it in Eat Pray Love (if you've read the book I'm sure you felt the same way!) but I'd love to go here to just really clear my head and get back to my roots. A yoga retreat would probably help too!
Have you got any places that you're currently Wanderlusting after?
Stay inspired!
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  1. Yes yes YES! to all of these! Particularly Tokyo for cherry blossom season, and the Maldives though oh my god it just looks like paradise!
    I'd looove to go to New Zealand, Iceland and Peru, I'd love to go up Machu Picchu and what not

    1. Haha I need to visit all of these places asap! Yes Iceland is another big one for me - and Machu Picchu would be awesome :)

      Georgie xo

  2. To be honest with you, I would rather be anywhere that is hot right now as considering it is nearly the end of April and it feels like the middle of January outside.
    Love Alicia x

    1. Ugh I agree - this cold weather is definitely not welcome!

      Thanks for stopping by :)
      Georgie xo