5 Ways To Stop Sleeping On Yourself

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Do you ever feel as though you are just being carried along by life's flow, with no control over what you do and what happens to you? Do you occasionally have moments where you suddenly realise that you've not been fully present in your own life? And, as such, have you found things are not going the way you'd like them to?
It sounds like you might have been sleeping on yourself.
I'm sure there's another way of describing this, but the term 'sleeping' on yourself just seems to fit really well. It's something that I'm sure we're all guilty of, but it can have serious repercussions if it's allowed to carry on over a long period of time, and waking up on the other side of it can be painful.
In case you're not sure what I mean by 'sleeping on yourself', let me give you an example. Say you work a fairly standard, 9 to 5 job. Something that isn't too unpleasant but still doesn't exactly make you leap out of bed in the morning with anticipation. Day to day, you can kind of get by with running on autopilot and doing enough to keep your boss happy but never more than absolutely necessary. The days seem to blur into one, and your head often feels fuzzy and out of focus. It's an easy trend to fall into, but it's not really doing anything for you.
Of course, sometimes we behave like this because we're having a particularly bad day or are distracted, but if this is a regular pattern for you it might be time to wake up and re-evaluate. Just 'getting by' every day (be it at a job, in a relationship or in a group of friends) can become so demoralising and depressing and can result in irrational behaviour to try and liven everything up again.
But not everyone has the luxury of just dropping it all and going backpacking around New Zealand (for example) when they feel like things are just sluggishly moving along. Sometimes you have to make the best of a situation and, even if you don't, learning to wake up can really improve your life and help you to achieve your goals.
So, what are some ways that you can inject some new spark back into existing (or new) areas of your life?
1: Keep a record of how these areas progress. Set achievable targets or make realistic plans and then come back to these every month or so to see whether you are on track.
2: Spice it up. Do something spontaneous that will improve the situation. It could be anything from buying a surprise present for someone to getting into work earlier than usual to really seize the day.
3: If there are other people involved, talk to them. Maybe they have been in the same situation as you, or they've somehow managed to bypass it! Either way, it will help you to gain more ideas.
4: Don't be afraid to break the mould. It can seem daunting and exposing to suddenly start being more proactive but if you can stick at it for a few weeks it will start to feel normal.
5: Think of it as investing in yourself. Of course it can be easier to sit back and let things happen around you, but that's not really living. When you make active, 'awake' decisions, think of it as giving forward to future you and in no time, you'll really love past you!
Finally, don't expect immediate change. It may feel like you're going against the flow for a bit and it will require more energy but you will definitely get out what you put in. And if certain areas really aren't giving you any return, it may be best to stop investing in them. Generally, though, if it's something you care about having in your life you'll find a way to give it new life!
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