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Hello friends! Today I'm going to be doing a tag post on my favourite beauty item - lipsticks! And lip glosses.... and lip liners... The list goes on! I always feel like my look is finished when I've got some lippy on and although my collection is far from complete I thought I'd talk about my current favourites.

1. How many lipsticks do you own?
I found 26 for this post but I'm pretty sure I have a few more lying around! Some lipsticks I buy and use until they're gone and others only come out very occasionally. I also seem to own a ridiculous amount of lip balms which I haven't pictured here.
2. What was your first ever lipstick?
It was a No7 nude lipliner that I got when I was 14 I think. I still wear it today! When I first got it I had no idea what to do with it but now I pair it with my favourite darker nude lipsticks or just wear it by itself as it lasts really well!

3. What is your most worn lipstick?
Rosewood Pearl and Kiss Pearl by Maybelline are really nice everyday lipsticks and they always stay in my bag for that reason. Rosewood pearl is a dusty dark pink colour and Kiss Pearl is a light pink with a shimmery finish. They're both quite subtle but just complete a look.

4. What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
Kiko is yet to let me down! I love the super creamy, pigmented colour of their lipsticks and their long lasting products are really good. They have a range of different finishes and their variety of colours rivals those of many high end stores. Also their prices are amazing!
Swatches of all my Kiko lip products - can you tell what my favourite lip colour is?

5. What is your favourite finish?
A pearly/metallic finish is usually the one I'd go for but I love anything glittery too.

6. What was the last lip product you bought?
Soap and Glory's Sexy Motherpucker LipGloss (see my thoughts on this in my April Favourites post).
7. Pink, red, coral, plum or nude?
I always go for the pink/nude shades for day to day wear. But for a night out I want either a purple/dark pink or a red!

8. What lipstick do you use to rock a Red Lip?
MAC Russian Red. Always. It was the first MAC product I bought and the colour and pigmentation is unbeatable - it just makes you feel like a million dollars.

9. How do you store your lipsticks?
I keep the ones I wear everyday in my bag but the others are all in my bedside drawer! I keep my Kylie Lip Kit in its original box because it makes it feel more special haha.

10. What lip products are you currently listing after?
Kylie Jenner's 'So Cute' Gloss, NYX Crème (any and all shades) and I feel in need of something nice and bright for summer...if you have any suggestions let me know!

So there you have it, my favourite make up product finally got its own tag! What's a lip product that you've been loving recently?

Stay inspired,

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