My Summer Sixteen Wishlist!

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Hello friends!
Well: that was a nice heatwave while it lasted! In case you weren't aware, the UK experienced some actual warmth and sunshine for the first time in many months and it was very much welcomed by all who got a taste.
Suddenly, all the Spring/Summer clothes in the shops started to become relevant! Instead of shying away from buying summer dresses and open-toe shoes, they began to fly off the shelves as everyone remembered what it's like to actually have the opportunity to wear those things. And I was no exception!
I placed a small (is £100 small?...woops) order for some summer clothes from Bershka and Boohoo but I still want more! I've also just booked my holiday to Malia so I'm already starting to plan some of the things I want to have ready for that. Below are the things I'm currently lusting after, both for the warmer seasons and for my holiday in a few weeks time.
1. Quay Australia 'My Girl' Sunglasses | 2. Topshop NASA T-Shirt |3. New Look Grey Drape Trench Coat | 4. Topshop Tiger Print Jumpsuit | 5. Zara Contrast City Bag | 6. New Look White Crochet Dress | 7. ASOS Wedding Flower Earrings | 8. Topshop Glitter Laser Cut Sandals | 9. St Tropez Tan | 10. Topshop White Tattoo Pack  | 11. Seafolly Lace Deep V Swimsuit
Is anyone not talking about Quay Australia sunglasses? To be honest I can completely understand why and I found it hard to just pick one pair! At £30 from ASOS they're actually very reasonably priced for such an in-demand item and they look amazing on anyone who wears them.
The NASA t-shirt is a way to fuel my love for the cosmos and space travel and the tiger playsuit (also from Topshop) immediately caught my eye: it was one of those moments where you see something and you're like, "yes - that is so me!". Also how cute is that little two-tone bag from Zara? Not the most practical but definitely the most adorable!
The St Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse seems to be a really great way to get a little pre-holiday tan and also means you can spend less time in the sun potentially damaging your skin to get that ultimate sunkissed look! Not to mention how good it would make you look in that black Lace Deep V Swimsuit.
What are some S/S items you're currently lusting after? Do you have any holidays booked? Lemme know!
Stay inspired, 

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