Top Travel Tips From Yours Truly!

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Since I go away on holiday tomorrow (yay!) this post will act partially as reminder for me, and partially as a sharing of knowledge for all reading! Most of these are little things that seem obvious, but can be easily forgotten.
Some are of these I've learnt the hard way, others have been passed down by my mum and some are tips I've gleaned from similar posts! .
1 - Make sure you can legally travel
Okay okay, not the most exciting sounding tip to begin with but it's pretty much the most important one! Most people book their holiday at least up to eight weeks in advance of their trip and, if not before, that's a good time to make sure all your travel documents are in order. It's better to be safe than sorry and I was once very close to missing out on a holiday because I hadn't realised my passport had expired! This is also a good time to find out the visa requirements for your destination, and to get that out of the way.

2 - Try not to leave holiday shopping until the last minute. 
Of course we all want to grab a few special bits for our holiday but so does everyone else! I'd recommend giving yourself a few weeks to pick up the things you want (whether it's clothes, sunglasses or suncream) so that you don't panic buy and end up with items that you don't really need or want.
Also if you plan to do a lot of reading/listening to music on your trip, be sure to buy/download these before you go.

3 - List the contents of your suitcases.
Who doesn't love a good list?! I usually start writing down what I want to pack a few days before I'm due to go so I have enough time to add to it as I remember things. I also find that it's a really good way to make sure you don't overpack as you can plan your outfits before everything just gets shoved in your case. It's up to you how detailed you want to go but I usually write every little thing down to make sure I've got everything I want to take with me.

4 - Be prepared.
It doesn't hurt to do a little bit of admin work but it could really save your ass if things go wrong. I'd recommend photocopying your passport and medical card (and even uploading these to the cloud to make sure you can access them anywhere) and having a couple of print outs of your travel details and documents, especially things that will have contact details for your travel company/hotel etc. If you don't need them then fine! But if you do, you'll be really glad you spent a few extra minutes preparing.
Also, be sure to take your toothbrush/some basic toiletries, spare underwear and a change of clothes with you in your hand luggage just in case there are any issues with your hold luggage. Everyone hopes it won't happen to them, but sometimes it does!
5 - Stay hydrated.
Never underestimate the power of water. Our bodies are 70% of it and it's vital that we drink enough to stay focused and with-it. Being on a plane is pretty de-hydrating any way and you'll thank yourself for it later! Also if you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Okay I'll stop now, I'm just obsessed with water. 
6 - Get some sleep.
Especially if you are on a long haul flight, it massively helps you to adjust to a different time zone and it makes the time go faster! Even if it's a short flight or train journey you can get an hour or two of shut-eye to combat that early start and travel stress. Hopefully you have a comfy seat!
7 - Make the most of it!
How often do we have the excuse that we literally can't do anything else other than watch movies/read books/listen to music? When you're on a plane (or even a train or car), there's not a whole lot you can do other than sit in your seat and try to entertain yourself. Make the most of it by reading books that you've been meaning to read for ages, watching a good movie or planning/writing/drawing/anything that you don't allocate much time for.
8 - Try not to sweat it.
Sometimes, travel plans can go awry (in a small or a big way) and this can cause a massive inconvenience. Obviously do your best to sort it out, but don't let it loom over you for too long, because most of the time there's not a whole lot you can do! Be prepared and don't stress longer than is necessary. 
  Wherever you may be escaping to this summer (whether it's a day trip to Bath or two weeks in Bali) I hope you have a great time and safe travels! To those not going anywhere just sneak into my suitcase and you can come with me to Crete - it will be fine!

Stay inspired,

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  1. Great advice. Hope you enjoy your trip! x

    1. Thank you Anna! It was lovely :) xo