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Yep: that cringe-worthy title did just happen. And it's all in the name of helpful apps! Since we spend so much time on our phones, it's well worth looking into some apps that can help you when you're off them as well. Whether you're looking for productivity apps or ones that will improve your mental health, there are so many available now, and I've trialled a few of them over the last few weeks to give you the low-down!
This app is a cute and simple way to help you spend time off your phone: the longer you spend away from it, the bigger tree you can grow! If you leave the app while the tree is growing, it dies :( I find this useful to use as a simple way to keep me focused on my work, and when you unlock your phone while it's in progress it even gives you little words of encouragement to keep you focused!
Bliss allows you to record positive/motivational thoughts while also giving you information and examples to help you. I like the concept of this app, but didn't like the layout as it feels a bit too clinical and makes it difficult to see the positive things you've recorded. It might work better for somebody who likes to keep things more organised, but I'd prefer a more visually inspiring layout.
Thanks Diary
I love this app! It's exactly how I like to record this kind of thinking and allows you to view your thankful thoughts alongside a calendar with a simple, clean design and some customisable options. You can set an alarm to remind you to record a thankful thought and you'd be surprised at how powerful that is at training your brain to think more positively.
Fabulous Me
I actually can't believe that this app is free - it's so comprehensive, really well designed and has so much content! Whether you want to get into exercise, pick up a good habit or stay focused, this app will help you to achieve your goals with fully formed procedures and visually pleasing graphics. It's a little bit more than I need right now but as there's so much you can do with it I'll keep it just in case!
  There are actually way more apps to improve mental health and productivity than I thought - these are just the ones that looked most appealing to me!

Have you used any of these apps? Or have similar ones that you like to use?

Stay inspired, 

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