Who Am I?

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I'm sure I'm not the only young, female adult that feels confused, challenged and often conflicted about who she is and who she's meant to be - right? What, with influences coming in from all sources (both human and technological) it can be difficult to separate who you actually are from who other people or society would like you to be.
Right now, I'm feeling a bit lost so, in order to stand my ground and remember my roots, here are some things that I know to be 100% true about me (along with some never-before-seen (unedited) selfies that help me to remember who I am and why I love me - yay for self love!)

I love animals. Let's get this sorted straight out of the gate. I love all the pets I have and I wish I could have more. I actually can't wait to move out so that I can have my very own hamster/rabbit/dog/cat/anything. I've recently turned veggie and it's made me feel so much better about myself - now I'm a true animal lover, in every way.

I am a homebody. Being away from home for extended periods of time makes me feel anxious and restless. Home is usually a physical place for me, but I can get the same feeling of security and comfort from the special people in my life. I can't wait to set up my own version of it while simultaneously getting anxious about leaving my family home, haha.

I love exploring things that are bigger than just me. Space travel is amazing. There are so many inspiring and intriguing cultures and countries out there. What are the real things to hold onto in life? Am I being my best self? Is this all there is? Exploring these concepts, ideas and physical places makes me feel more 'complete' as a human, and happier in the process.

I love the Kardashians. I'm not here to psycho-analyse them, all I know is that they inspire me and I think they're pretty, okay?! In case you're curious, Kourtney is my fave Kardash and Kylie is my fave Jenner. 

I love food. Sushi and soup are my favourites, I also love coffee (Caramel Macchiatos in particular), macarons, pancakes and a banging cup of tea. I also really love to bake but I'm often scared to try new recipes as I really hate when things don't turn out well, haha.

Being in areas of natural beauty and nature in general make me feel calmer. I feel more connected with the earth and more grounded in the process. I'd love to spend an extended period of time really getting back to my literal roots in an area of natural beauty.

I couldn't live without music. It's the only thing that can keep me going sometimes, and I love the energy and atmosphere it can provide. I'm not fussy on the genre, so long as it speaks to me. 

I would be nothing without the people I love. Honestly, I don't care what happens, so long as I have those special people in my life. 
And there you have it: that's all I can think of right now, but I think I listed all of the important points. Was this too many selfies to put in one post? Probably.

What are some key things that define you?

Stay inspired,

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  1. What a lovely post.

    It's so important to keep yourself grounded and remind yourself of the positive things in life.

    I love nature and animals too - couldn't live without them!

    Your blog is really lovely. Now following on Bloglovin' :) Would love it if you could check out mine too: www.ambambe.com.

    Looking forward to your future posts!
    Amber xxx

    1. Thank you Amber! It's definitely important to focus on the positives.

      I'm so glad you're enjoying it! I actually follow you on Twitter but will definitely make sure I am following you on Bloglovin.

      Thanks for commenting!
      Georgie xo