10 Things That Are NOT Mutually Exclusive

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MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE (adj): related in such a way that each thing makes the other thing impossible; not able to be true or exist at the same time.
If I had to pick one term that can describe a current issue within the social world today, it would be this one. It seems there are so many people who are hellbent on telling others that they cannot possibly do one thing, and then do another thing which may seem to contradict that. Apparently there are those who believe that everyone needs to fit into a neat little box, where your personality traits and behaviours are few and very similar in nature.

Dogs and cats living together!
That's just not how it is! Humans should be well-rounded, balanced individuals, and just because somebody does one thing does not mean that they can not do another, different thing (and they are no less of a legitimate human for doing so). So, in case you were wondering, here are 10 pairs of things that are totally fine for one person to do!:

1. You can be involved and committed 100% to your job and your career path, AND still have days where you feel like you just want to post GIFs/Memes of people asleep at their desks or slamming their heads into a keyboard.
parks and recreation work computer technology ron swanson

2. You can be on that workout hype every day, Snapchatting your gym selfies, and posting all of your healthy lunches online AND still crave all things chocolatey, eat a £25 Domino's pizza order by yourself every Friday night, and have weeks where the most exercise you do is slobbing between the fridge and your Netflix binge session.
fitness tired amy schumer lazy fitspo

3. You can be a fully responsible, grown up adult who pays their own bills, goes food shopping, and makes important decisions, AND still enjoy having Disney movie marathons, collecting stuffed animals, and spending hours looking at Instagram accounts for puppies.
puppies corgi

4. You can be the kind of person who wouldn't hurt a fly, does good deeds for others, and smiles at everyone AND still take shit from nobody.
rihanna swag boss sassy boss bitch

5. You can have days where you curl your hair into perfect ringlets, tie them with a bow and create a makeup look that centers on shimmer eyeshadows and baby-pink lipgloss AND still want to wear all black err'thing and perfect a makeup look so grungey that your 2004-Avril-Lavigne-obsessed-self would be proud.
90s makeup clueless alicia silverstone

6. You can like listening to the most beautifully articulated and emotional classical music by the likes of Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen AND still get your absolute freak on by listening to the filthiest R&B/Grime songs on the scene from the likes of Kanye West, Skepta and DJ Khaled.
kendrick lamar xo fuckin problem say shes from the hood but she live inside the valley

7. You can be a parent, a serious businessperson or someone in the public eye AND still be a sensual, confident human being that doesn't have to have it together all the time and is allowed to experiment with who they want to be. 
Universal Music Singapore fergie chrissy teigen milfmoney kim kardasian

8. You can love your boyfriend/girlfriend with all your heart, spend time and money on them, and share that love all over Insta AND still have days where you really just need to have some quality alone time, away from them and anyone that isn't chocolate or Ryan Gosling.
ryan gosling movies love kiss rachel mcadams

9. You can be a feminist who believes wholeheartedly in freedom and equality for all AND still enjoy being a total girly-girl, a housewife and/or somebody who still loves and appreciates men.
black and white new girl zooey deschanel feminist my thing

10. You can promote positivity, post endless inspirational quotes on Instagram, and talk about how mindful you are AND still have days where you want to lie down forever and moan about how much life sucks (cos sometimes, it does).
Disney monday blues lilo and stitch work week

Whoever said that you can't do any of these pairs of things together is WRONG, and there is no shame in being a person that enjoys all aspects of life: if it makes you happy and it's not hurting anyone then you should feel free to do it. I've always felt like I had to pick one type of person to be, and I'm starting to realise that that's not how life works: very few people will fit one stereotype and I wouldn't want to be one that did! 

Most importantly, you are allowed to be a balanced, fluid human being: you can change your mind, your mood or just your outfit. Stay true to you, and do what makes you happy.
Also: 100 points to those who spotted the Ghostbusters reference...
Stay inspired!
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