Life Wishlist: The Kylie Jenner Edition

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Let's just get it out in the open shall we? I'm a little, teeny bit obsessed with Kylie Jenner. Just a tad. Just enough to know exactly what she would and wouldn't wear, her taste in home décor and how she likes to spend her free time. That's normal right? We live in such a unique time right now, where we can see right into how 'the other half' live through the likes of Instagram and Snapchat, among other more traditional sources like magazine articles.

Kylie Jenner is the Queen of Snapchat (hence the crown next to her name, duh) and she pretty much always posts a substantial amount of snaps every day, allowing you to get an up-close-and-personal view of how she lives her life. She's making some big waves in various areas of our modern day world, and I'm intrigued to see what she's got in store for us in the future. Day-to-day, though, I'm mostly interested to see her make up looks, what she's wearing, and her adorable dogs in her beautiful home. She's experimenting with her own versions of these and inspiring a lot of people along the way - including me!

In honour of her 19th birthday I've put together this bumper post on all my favourite parts of her life and style: enjoy!


Boohoo Bomber jacket | Missguided Cap | Topshop Tupac Print T-shirt | Boohoo Bodycon dress
 Quay Australia Vivienne Sunglasses | Topshop Pink Hoody | River Island Necklace | Boohoo jumpsuit
 ASOS swimsuit | Nike Roshe Run Trainers | ASOS Thigh high boots
Kylie's style seems to vary a lot, from heading out in a loose-fit pair of joggers and trainers to sporting thigh high boots with a itty-bitty body con dress - she certainly has a very extensive wardrobe!  The cost of some of her clothes/jewellery is enough to raise anyone's eyebrows, but she does wear some 'non-celeb' friendly pieces occasionally such as Nike trainers and Quay Australia sunglasses.
It's also not uncommon to see her wearing some vintage-style graphic print tees, specifically supporting rap artists. On the red carpet, Kylie's style remains raunchy and fresh, and she often dons designer pieces paired with some barely-there heels and an ever-changing hairstyle.

 Well of COURSE I had to include Kylie's own beauty products in the beauty wishlist! I currently only own her Koko K lipkit but nothing else I've tried has compared to it, and I definitely want to get more of these babies. The Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks, however, do have a staying power that rivals Kylie's, and NYX Lip Creams provide a great range of colours at an affordable price. Kylie's nails are usually understated and chic, and are often painted a muted colour with a stiletto or coffin shape. For events, though, she occasionally goes all out with her nail look, including geometric designs and gems which usually match her outfit.
With the recent drop of her KyShadow palette, it's clear that Kylie is expanding her collection and the colour she's chosen for her first release all centre around a brown/orange theme. Revolution eyeshadow palettes are ridiculously affordable (£8 for the palette pictured above!) and are amazing quality which could help to recreate some of the looks that Kylie has shown with her own palette. On-fleek eyeliner is also a must with a Kylie-style eye and the whole look wouldn't be complete without a pair of fluttery eyelashes.
I created this moodboard before her most recent drop of new products which feature crème eyeshadows, Kyliner and a range of new lip products - all infused with real gold for her birthday collection!
Fire pit | Fluffy chair | Jars for sweets | Italian greyhound*

Kylie's home décor style just oozes glamour, sass and sophistication. By choosing a largely monochrome palette, Kylie's interior has the ultimate glam look, but she makes sure to keep it cosy and homely with plenty of creature comforts, including well stocked sweet jars and fluffy throws, chairs and cushions. Another way that she maintains that homely-feel is with the addition of some furry friends! I recently looked into how many dogs she actually has (there always seems to be a new, cute puppy on her Snapchat every other week) and as far as I can tell she currently just has four dogs at home: Norman and Bambi the Italian Greyhounds, Ernie the Daschund, and Penny the cross-breed.
Essentially, she exudes luxury (perhaps something to do with her $10 million net worth?) and has recently relocated to a larger, more private location in the 'Hidden Hills' in LA. Not included in the moodboard above: an assortment of further, ridiculously-plush cars, including a Mercedes G-wagon and personalised Maybach (a gift from on-off beau, Tyga.)
Baaaaasically....Kylie has it pretty damn good and wishlisting her material life just goes to show that! However, it's not the cost of the items here that I'm after, it's just the general style her attention to simple detail that I love, plus it gives me an outlet for all that knowledge about her and her life that seems to just be floating around in my head...
Had enough yet? No? Well feel free to check out an entire Pinterest board dedicated to her! It includes my favourite looks, candid shots and Instagram pics, as well as some of her style and home. 
Also, if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I recently did a poll on whether it is ok to use a celebrity, like Kylie Jenner's, pictures that they post online (i.e. a selfie on Instagram) in a blog post. The majority of the votes said 'no, they still own it' and I'd have to say I agree! I doubt they would care, but I guess that doesn't give anyone else the right to use it without their permission.
King Kylie for ever!

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*By Presto808 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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