Thought Journal: The Importance Of Now

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It’s so weird to actually, finally have the things that you thought were so far off and almost dream-like in their nature, start to happen to you. It stops being a questions of ‘if’ and starts being a matter of ‘when’. And we all know that it’s one thing to imagine a scenario in your head and quite another to have it play out in real life.

What it comes down to, really, is patience.

Kids are always so desperate to grow up – and then they do. Teenagers always want their own independence and freedom – and then they get it. Young adults are always wishing for the weekend…the list goes on. We’re living in the future and we’re convinced that it’s brighter. Which, on the one hand, is quite a nice thought (it's good to have the mindset that things will get better) but it also means that we’re kind of wishing our lives away.

“Ugh – I wish it was the weekend!” …well, you do know it will be, right? That’s pretty much a guarantee: the Earth will continue to orbit the Sun and time will pass and the weekend will come. But then what significance does right now have? We’re wishing away precious time and putting all our hopes and dreams and importance onto... what? A couple of days? A week in the sun? A time in the future that we’re sure will be better than right now? It’s actually really ridiculous when you think about it.

If I’m honest, I’m still getting used to how to deal with weekends. I’m so aware that I have so much to fit in to a short space of time and it weighs me down but it’s because I want to live a full, productive life and you can only have that if you’re really proactive and on-the-ball about certain things. Of course, you won’t be all the time but if you are when you can then it’s not so bad.

I’ve definitely made a conscious effort to break time down more: I’m not looking days ahead to the weekend or holiday that I have, but instead I’m making myself aware of the next thing I have to look forward to which can be counted in minutes or hours. For example, at work I might look forward to a more interesting task I can do, or the music or podcast I can listen to whilst I’m doing something less enjoyable. Then, outside of that, I’m looking forward to my next tea/lunch break. Then I might look forward to the dinner I’ll have tonight, or the friend I’ll see tomorrow, but that’s about as far as I regularly let myself go.

And I use these things like a mental post it note: I put it up in the top corner of my brain as a positive thing to keep me going but to not distract me and make me feel impatient and unable to focus on the now.

In the grander scheme of things though, I have to keep reminding myself that the things I’m looking forward to will happen. Partially because time will pass and eventually it will be the right moment for them to take place but also because I am consciously working towards certain goals that, although they may take time, will be accomplished. These include things like: travelling and exploring new places, getting on the career ladder, moving in with Dave, getting my own dog, having family dinners when we’re all grown up, having my own family…the list goes on.

Whatever this human experience is, it’s actually quite amazing and we should make the absolute most of it, especially the positive parts. Love and happiness are the most important things: it’s hard to have a good experience without either of those things, or without other people. So, for now, I'm going to work on enjoying my current experiences with the important people in my life, without holding on to the past or getting anxious about the future. Just one step at a time.

Stay inspired, 

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