Lake Como Travel Diary: Part 2

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If you didn't catch the first part of this travel diary, catch up here. If you did - please enjoy the continuation of beautiful photos from the paradise that is Lake Como!

 Villa Del Balbianello 
When people think about what Italian villas look like, this is what they imagine. Used as the setting for Anakin and Padme's wedding in Star Wars, Villa Del Balbianello is one of the most picturesque settings in the whole of Lake Como. With stepped, perfectly manicured gardens and a view to die for, it's no wonder that the Villa is used for real-life weddings too.

On the day that we went, we just caught the end of a wedding ceremony that was taking place there and it made for the most beautiful back-drop for their pictures. The villa itself was full of memorabilia left by its last owner who was an avid explorer which made for a very interesting, museum-like experience. We spent our time at the villa taking plenty of pictures (including ones for couples who wanted to recreate the iconic image of Anakin and Padme) and just generally enjoying the beautiful gardens and view that the Villa had to offer.

Lugano, Switzerland 
I hadn't realised, but Switzerland is just a mere 40 minute drive from Lake Como: we thought it would have been rude to come all that way and not take advantage of our proximity to the neutral state, so we took half a day to explore the town of Lugano. It was beautiful but, even though it was so close to Italy, it still seemed to feel slightly 'harsher' than the style of the towns of Lake Como. Italy, and its architecture in particular, has such a romantic feel to it, whereas Swiss buildings maintained a little more formality, though the town was still beautifully adorned with flowers and Sycamore trees just as the towns are around Lake Como.

Something else I hadn't realised about Switzerland is that everything is about three times the price of Italy. To give you an example: a pizza cost about £20, a chocolate bar was £3 and a Versace bag was - well, I'm sure you can guess. Compared to the £5 pizzas we had been enjoying in Menaggio, that was really quite a shock! Nevertheless we took our time looking in the local shops and even picked up a couple of presents to take to people back home (this was one of last days and, clearly, our pockets were feeling a little heavy).

I hope you enjoyed seeing more of this beautiful area of Europe, I'd definitely recommend Lake Como for a romantic getaway as the country is just so beautiful and it's the perfect place to spend your days relaxing by the pool, exploring local towns and enjoying delicious food. Having said that, we went as a family and found there were plenty of activities available to do to keep everyone interested, including hiring a boat/kayak or going hiking.

I feel very lucky to have been able to experience such a beautiful place, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Italy in the future - and trying plenty more pizzas!

Stay inspired, 

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