Musings of a Vegetarian

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I've been a vegetarian for about three months now (read my reasons on becoming veggie here) and I have learnt so much in that time! I feel a lot better about myself but there are also a number of things which have only become apparent to me since going veggie, the most prominent of which I've decided to talk about in today's post.

Musing #1 Why are there SO many meat options in the sandwich aisle?!
 Really, Tesco's? A sorry looking egg sandwich and a plain old cheese ploughman's are all I have to choose from?! I've been venturing around to find the best meal deal options for veggies and at the moment, Boots has the lead. They do a bunch of different veggie lunches, from quiches to bean salads. But it's really made me realise how meat-saturated so much of our food's crazy.
Musing #2  Do restaurants think that if you don't eat meat that you need to compensated by having a ton of cheese/really hot spices?
I'm a vegetarian - not someone without tastebuds. I still like to have a normal amount of cheese and spices...taking the meat out of a meal doesn't mean we need to go crazy with something else to make up for it! 
Musing #3  Why are people so quick to argue with you in ultimatums?
You know what, Janet? If it looks like the whole world might be becoming vegetarian and the pigs are going extinct, give me a call and we can discuss it then. And no, I don't miss Spaghetti Bolognaise/Lasagne/Burgers/Sausages enough to want to break my decision, and if I did I could just make it with Quorn. It's a win-win. 
Musing #4  No meat...forever?
Right now, I have no desire to eat meat. But there's no denying that I was raised as a meat eater, and I'm yet to experience events like Christmas where eating meat is part of the whole celebration. I've decided that if I really want to eat meat, I will, though I don't think that will happen now that I've made this change.
Musing #5 It's way better than I thought it would be.
It's improved my diet massively as I am now eating wider variety of foods and have become healthier by default. Fitting in with family dinners is really not that hard (post coming soon on this) and my whole body just feels...cleaner. I'd definitely say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Veggie or not, have you noticed some of the same things that I have? I didn't feel like I'd made a massive change, but some of these musings suggest that that might not be the case!
Stay inspired,

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