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I'm not sure what it is about the current trend of working (especially as a student), but isn't it so much easier when you've got something interesting on in the background? When I was an undergrad I would usually whack 'Friends' on, but when I started work I realised that that probably wasn't going to be something I was going to be able to continue....cue: The Podcast Era.
Listening to music is good for a while, but in terms of something entertaining, Podcasts keep me on track for so much longer. The following are ones that I've mostly found through Spotify, though they are available on other platforms. They've all helped me to stay focused when working through less mentally-stimulating tasks and have taught me new things and/or entertained me along the way!

Comedy / Informative
Jenna + Julien
Soundcloud  | iTunes  | YouTube  | Twitter
The Jenna +  Julien Podcast has everything you could ever want from a podcast. Their weekly topics range from conspiracy theories to special guests to playing games together. I listen to them at work and I either get sucked into the topic they're talking about that it feels like time flies or I have to pause the episode because I'm on the verge of full-on laughing out loud.
They upload the video footage of their podcasts to Youtube so you can get the full experience, but listening to them on Soundcloud is my preferred way to enjoy it. I love Jenna and Julien, and this podcast is a great way to get some extra content from them!

No Such Thing As A Fish
Soundcloud |Spotify |iTunes | Twitter
This was one of the first podcasts that I listened to on Spotify and I was initially interested because I thought they would be discussing intriguing and previously unknown facts. Well, they definitely do all of that but it's also really funny! It's made by the same people who do the research for 'QI' and they always manage to find new, interesting and weird facts that I would never have known about!
The great thing about this podcast is that the episodes are short and sweet (about 30 minutes long) and there's a new one every week, so you're guaranteed to have some entertainment regularly.
True Crime
Generation Why
Podbay  | Spotify | iTunes | Twitter
If you like true crime / mysteries / slightly gruesome tales, this is the podcast for you. The creators, Jason and Aaron, discuss and analyze true crimes which have taken place both in the past and in recent times. The majority of the cases they discuss have an element of mystery about them, and the hosts spend time discussing potential theories as to what the truth could be.
They do discuss sensitive topics occasionally, but always warn their listeners if they're going to be discussing anything that is potentially triggering or graphic. I love watching real-crime/murder documentaries and this is basically a podcast version of that! I also hadn't realised that there are so many seemingly unsolved crimes, and Jason and Aaron will present their theories for these particular cases, and encourage you to think of your own.
Soundcloud | Spotify | iTunes | Twitter
Criminal was the first crime podcast I listened to properly, and I became addicted very quickly! The podcast focuses on true crimes which are usually a bit strange or controversial in nature. I believe there is only one episode per month, but they're always full of great content and are a good way to get up to date on real-life happenings around the world.

Female Power / Love + Relationships
Girlboss Radio
Soundcloud | Spotify | iTunes | Twitter
Sophia Amoruso has made a big name for herself through the creation of her fashion website (nastygal.com) and release of her girl-power / auto-biographical / advice-style books, '#GirlBoss' and 'Nasty Galaxy'. Often her podcast is made up of two parts: a general catch-up with her BFF Liz where they discuss their week and #GirlBoss moments from their listeners and themselves.
The second half of the podcast is an interview with various powerful females, from CEOs of big companies to founders of charities to famous actresses. Sophia asks them key questions about their career and personal life in order to help give advice to her listeners.
Sex with Emily
Soundcloud | Spotify | iTunes | Twitter
This podcast is one that covers a wide variety of subjects, from relationship problems to advice on seduction, with its host, Emily, giving unprejudiced feedback to any and every issue that her listeners might have. She keeps everything lighthearted and to-the-point, and helps to change some of the stigma and assumptions that can surround sex and relationships these days. It's not one that I listen to every day, but it's definitely a podcast that is useful and unique in its purpose. 

The Black Tapes Podcast
Stitcher | Spotify | iTunes | Twitter
 OMG, I am obsessed with this podcast. The story is so well told and with intriguing and memorable characters it instantly immerses you in their world. The quality of each episode is amazing and I can not stop listening - it's like getting addicted to a TV series except you can do other things while you enjoy it! The Black Tapes Podcast investigates paranormal events, with its host - Alex Reagen - as an undecided, mostly open-minded participant and Richard Strand, a skeptic who seems to have an explanation for every strange event they encounter.

The Message
Podbay | Spotify | iTunes | Website

The Message is a series of 'weekly podcast' reports from a journalist named Nicky Tomalin, who is working to help decode an ancient extra terrestrial message. Along the way, she discovers a lot more than she bargained for, and I really enjoyed the format of the podcast as you follow Nicky on her adventures. It's a complete series so you can listen to them one after the other (you'll want to as it's incredibly gripping!) and there's a sneaky little twist at the end.

Do you listen to podcasts? Or do any of these sound like something you'd want to listen to?
  Stay inspired!

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