Autumn Series: Pumpkin Pie!

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So, guess what: I had the brilliant idea of doing an autumnal blog series for the month of October! Excellent idea! Except I realised this a week into the month when I'd already published my first post...oh well! We'll start now, so I hope you enjoy the next few weeks posts that will centre around all the best things of the BEST season (are you even a blogger if autumn isn't your favourite season?). I hope you enjoy joining in the festivities with me! Now: on with the first post.

Is there any better way to celebrate the most beautiful season of the year than by getting as much pumpkin into your body as humanly possible? 
Nope - didn't think so.

I made a pumpkin pie for the first time last year using an actual pumpkin (leftover from Halloween) and although I don't think it was the best base for the pie, it actually turned out really well! For this recipe, I've decided to use butternut squash to see how the two compare and to test whether I can get a more orange, 'pumpkiny' colour to the pie: the pumpkins you can get here in the UK are actually more yellow than orange so don't give that perfect, autumnal colour to the pie that I was looking for.
Of course you could also use pumpkin puree in this recipe if you don't fancy the extra work it takes to cut up, peel and cook the squash - I won't judge you!

This recipe is quite different to the 'all-American' one I used last year (which included adding a whole tin of sweetened condensed milk to the mixture) and it turned out to be a lovely, lightly spiced pie. I would say that if you can drain your cooked pumpkin/squash it might help to make the pie less wet, but I didn't do this and it still turned out okay! I guess it depends how you like your pie.
The recipe I used is from BBC Good Food and I followed it pretty much to the letter, though I did use a pre-made Shortcrust Pastry mix (sorry, Mary Berry!) but it made the whole process so much easier.

Isn't that just the most autumnal picture you ever did see? I love making open-top pies and even though this one came out with a soggy bottom (sorry again, Mary!) it was still delicious. I was half debating not sharing the recipe if it didn't turn out 100% okay, but I realised that I'm not exactly trying to pass myself off as a professional baker, and if I can help somebody else to make it better by testing the waters first then I will! 

I hope you've enjoyed this first autumnal post! Are you a fan of pumpkin pie? Or are you happy to stick to your PSLs? Or both?! 

Stay inspired, 

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