Autumn Series: A Sunny Sunday At Virginia Water

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Right now, as in probably just for the remainder of this month, feels like the most optimum Autumnal time. All the leaves are turning their amazing shades of brown, orange and gold but are mostly still on the trees, which makes for some really beautiful landscapes (and photos!).

On Sunday, Dave and I went for a little walk around Virginia Water Lake and found that the gardens were in full, Autumnal colours. It was the perfect weather for an Autumn walk: sunny and fresh but not so cold that you can't feel your fingers. It was so nice to get out for a proper walk as I've been so busy with my return to the hell that is an Architecture Degree!

Anyway, let's not focus on that now: instead we'll enjoy the pretty pictures and forget degrees even exist, yes? Yes.

I had my camera set to 'Sunset Mode' and it just really helped to enhance all the natural, 'sunset-like' colours that were present in our surroundings.

How beautiful is the view from this little pavilion that we found? It was so peaceful to sit here for a while.

I love being outside and feel so lucky to live near a large number of different, beautiful natural parks which are great for going on walks and getting back in touch with the Earth.

Have you ever visited Virginia Water? Where's your favourite place to be at this time of year?

Stay inspired! 

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