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Before we get started, let me just make it clear that I am in no way a beauty expert - heck I hadn't even really tried a Benefit product until a few months ago - but I think this could be a good way for the average make-up enthusiast (like me!) to get a feel both for a Benefit beauty counter makeover and some of their popular products.

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago I booked myself in for a makeover at my local Benefit beauty counter. I had done a bit of research online to see where I could get a makeover service in my local area but there really wasn't a lot of information available, but I decided to go into my local Debenhams store and ask somebody there. The girl I spoke to was more than happy to help and booked me in for my appointment, which was also confirmed for me via e-mail (like I'd forget!). I didn't have to put any kind of deposit down, but the counter girl did tell me that there's a minimum two-product spend after the makeover, which is fine by me as I was running low on my 'They're Real' Mascara anyway!

I'd never had my makeup done properly before and I was excited to see what it would be like. On my arrival I was quickly attended to by my makeup artist who asked me what kind of look I wanted to go for: I said I wanted a medium-coverage base, with some subtle contouring and highlighting, a neutral smokey eye and some defined brows. I also mentioned that this was a look that I wanted to stay on all day, as I would also be going out in the evening. 

After asking about my skin type she quickly got a few products together and began by priming my face with their Porefessional primer before colour-matching me to one of their Hello Flawless foundations and powders, which were both applied and then shown to me to check I was happy with the coverage. I was so, so far so good! The rest of the makeup carried on in a similar fashion and my makeup artist was more than happy to chat about makeup techniques and their products, and told me what she was doing and which products she was using throughout my makeover.

She checked with me at multiple points in the makeover to ensure I was happy with how it was progressing and assured me if I wanted anything changing that that was fine. All in all it took just under an hour, though she said she could have worked faster if necessary and it was a really pleasant experience! The best part: the brows. Oh lord I never thought I'd get them to look this even, full and defined. So along with my 'They're Real' mascara I also picked up 'Ka-brow' at the end of my makeover, and as I had purchased two products I also received a cute little passport case and a sample of their 'Dew The Hoola' liquid bronzer. 
One thing that was strange was that I had originally been told that there was a two-product minimum spend, but my makeup artist on the day said it was £20 minimum spend and I had been planning to buy those two items anyway so I just went through with that. I know that if you go to MAC for the same service there's usually a £35 minimum spend, so it's really not that bad, just a little confusing. Now: for the products themselves. 

Base: Porefessional Primer, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation and Powder, Boi-ing on the Double Concealer palette. I liked the primer as it felt really moisturising and the setting powder helped to tidy up the look a lot, but the foundation was awful for my skin and highlighted the skin issues I'd told my makeup artist about! The colour match was good and the concealer palette she used seemed pretty good, but definitely nothing to rave about.
Eyes: Big Beautiful Eyes Eyeshadow Palette, They're Real Push-Up Liner and They're Real Mascara. Ka-Brow Cream Gel and Precisely, My Brow Pencil. The look my makeup artist created was fairly basic, but then I did really just ask for a simple, smokey eye and although the liner was neat it wasn't as sharp as I would like. Mascara application was much better than I could have done though unfortunately she wasn't qualified to apply lashes for me. Not a big deal but still a little annoying!
I really liked the look that my artist created for my brows and this definitely felt like the most exciting part of the makeover as she showed me how to do my brows properly, the products were amazing and helped to pull the look together. 
Contour, Blush + Highlight: Hoola Bronzer , Coralista Coral Blush and Watts Up Highlighter. I learnt some new contouring techniques which is a definite bonus, but I think the bronzer is pretty standard if I'm honest. Watts Up is a lovely colour but wasn't as shimmery as I would have liked, so maybe better for a daytime look. 
Lips: As I had thought and as my makeup artist confirmed, Benefit don't make the best lip products, but that wasn't a big deal for me and she just applied a little Hoola gloss to complete the look. Not a massive deal, but does mean that you might be disappointed if you were hoping for a bold lip to finish your look.

Total cost of products: £280

The base and eye look did not last as well as I was hoping, and definitely not as well as other, cheaper products have done for me in the past. Within six hours of having it done there was an obvious build up of shadow along my crease and some fallout underneath my eyes too. I also noticed that the foundation had started to separate on my face, nothing really noticeable but certainly not what I would hope for from this kind of product. The mascara, however, had stayed put along with most of the liner and my brows were still firmly in place!

I feel like some of Benefit's products really just hit the nail on the head, such as their mascaras and brow products, while others fall flat and would have felt like a waste of money had I purchased them without testing them through a makeover first. My skin type is mostly normal with a few dry patches along my t-zone and their Hello Flawless foundation, though not the worst I've tried, is not up to the job of working with those issues.

I genuinely didn't intend to look like a deer in headlights for this - I was just in a rush to head out and this was the only pic I took!

I realise that some of the problems I've had with the products could be down to the artist I had, but she had been with Benefit for a year and did seem to be quite skilled and knowledgeable, though I guess you never know! It was an enjoyable experience but the products weren't up to scratch and I ended up half-debating whether to re-do it before I went out in the evening. I didn't in the end because I didn't have time and it wasn't TOO bad, but I've definitely had better-lasting products on my face. 

By the end of the night, though, I couldn't wait to get everything but the brows off my face: there was not even a hint of bronzer or highlight left and the shadow was beginning to look more like a Halloween look than a Birthday Glam Smokey Eye. I would have been so disappointed if I'd purchased these products, and I really can't believe a non-drug store brand could have products with such crap staying power. 

Soz Benefit - but I think you lucked out after your lash and brow products. 

Have  you ever had a beauty makeover before? Do you use any of Benefit's products?

Stay inspired!

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  1. You look really lovely in your photos! 😍 This sounds like a fab experience, especially getting to try out £280 worth of makeup! Such a shame that it didn't all last very well - glad to hear that the mascara and brow products do live up to the hype though! Thanks for sharing your experience! 💖

    Abbey ✨

    1. Thank you Abbey! It is a shame that it didn't last that well, but I guess it was a good way to try out the products before committing to buying them, at least.

      Thank you for stopping by!

      Georgie xo