Nobody Likes You When You're 23!

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Somebody tell me that Blink 182 were wrong and I'll actually be even more liked now that I'm (nearly) 23?! It's my birthday on Friday (woop woop!) and I'm excited. Even though 23 is pretty much just the realisation that I am hurtling head first towards my mid 20s and then (horror!) my 30th birthday. 
But is that really so bad? What's wrong with being 23, 25 or even the dreaded 30? I've heard lots of good things about being 30! Apparently you really find yourself, you've got your shit together (probably) and people kind of HAVE to start taking you seriously because, come on, you're 30.
So, really, turning boring old 23 is not so bad! I'll be one year older and wiser (I hope) and it's the perfect excuse for doing anything I want with no rules and no backlash - if you don't count food babies and hangovers. 
I find it hard to fathom that it's been 10 years since I crossed the threshold into the daunting world of being a teenager, and it's now been four years since I've come out the other side! Last year, I reflected on 22 things I've learnt in 22 years, and this year I'd like to write a list of 13 things that I'd tell my 13 year old self if I were to meet her now. I've also (perhaps foolishly) included some pictures of me through my teen years...please don't judge the outfit/hair/makeup choices haha.

1. Don't get too sucked into the whole 'emo' thing. Life should be happy and that eyeliner style and self-cut side fringe will haunt you for a loooong time. 

2.  You'll soon find out that mum is not your enemy, and it's so much easier to just be friends with her.

3. Make the most of the large group of friends you have now - you'll find that it will significantly reduce as you get closer to leaving school!

4. Speaking of school: please just try a little bit harder. You're actually a lot more capable than you think and you shouldn't write off Maths and Science as boring subjects that you'll never need again - trust me, you will! And as your love of space and the cosmos grows, it helps to know more about this kind of stuff.

5. Don't let anyone make you feel like you don't wanna come in to school. The people who are bullying you now will get more than their just deserts, trust me. It's very satisfying to see. 

6. Whoever told you that it's a good idea to drink Strongbow in a field at night is WRONG. It may seem exciting but please just wait a couple more years, you're not missing out on anything I promise. You'll have plenty of time to drink actually nice drinks indoors and it will be far more enjoyable. 

7.  Make the most of being able to spend whole weekends helping out at a riding school!

8. Don't worry so much about knowing exactly who you are all the time. As things change in life you will too and it's important to be adpatable. 

9. Late nights spent scrolling through Tumblr are okay sometimes but will seriously deplete you of energy for real life! Don't stay up too late. 

10. Don't listen to anything negative that your mind tells you late at night. Go to sleep instead. 

11. Keep up the piano and singing lessons! Music is so important and it's a great skill to have. It will be worth it. 

12. If you want to significantly reduce spots, make sure you drink plenty of water and don't go too crazy on the sweet stuff, also wash your face every day! It will get better though, I promise. 

13. Don't feel embarassed about who you are, the sooner you embrace your quirks the sooner you'll feel happier. Life is meant to be fun and the first step to fully enjoying it is to accept you for you!

Do you enjoy birthdays? What's something you wish you could tell your younger self?

Stay inspired!

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