16 Things I Realised In 2016

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JUST in case you really have no idea of the underlying irony behind this post, at the beginning of this year Kylie Jenner made a video (embedded above) detailing her aspirations for the year ahead. As far as anyone could tell, it seemed as though the only thing that Kylie (the girl who wants for nothing) had to say about 2016 was that she felt it would be the year of realising stuff. A bit of a weird thing to say considering that the year had barely even started yet and how can you know what you will realise before anything has happened yet?! As you can imagine, her views for the upcoming year were mocked heavily and disregarded as having any importance to them.


I'm sure I don't need to go into detail about what we, as a country and a planet, have realised and discovered over the course of what could arguably be one of the most dramatic and eye-opening years we've experienced yet. Instead, I'm going to talk about the things that I have personally realised over the last year, and wonder how Kylie Jenner (of all people) could be the one to have prophesied such an amazing thing.

1: There are genuinely people in this country (the United Kingdom) who voted to leave the E.U. without even understanding what that would actually mean for our country. There are also people who are complete fools for believing the idealistic lies of the Leave Party Leaders who unfortunately made up the majority of the votes.

2: It seems that the stupidity of the masses is not restricted to one country, as just across the pond, millions of people voted to have one of the most irresponsible, misogynistic and racist people lead their country. Just, wow. 

3: You should never assume anything. People aren't perfect and honesty is still the best policy, even if it shows you in a bad light. Confrontation isn't easy but it's often the only way to resolve anything.

4: Hygge is an amazing, marvelous concept and we'd all do better to follow some of its teachings, especially for these last few winter months.

5: Becoming a vegetarian was one of the best things I could do for my tastebuds, body and mind. I'd been grappling for a while with my desire to not eat animals anymore and by making the switch I feel much happier and have also been eating a lot healthier. 

6: Sometimes you just have to enjoy and make full use of the good days when they come and not think about how long they're going to last.

7: As much as I may have wished it not to be true, doing a Masters Degree in Architecture is just as frustrating, exhausting and demoralising as an Undergraduate Degree in Architecture (if not more so!). Not that I'm counting, but I'm very glad that I've only got five months left of this year.

8: I really, REALLY, hate working in London. I hate the commute, I hate that it is so bloody busy and I hate the mindset of working ridiculously hard to earn money for things that you don't even have the time to enjoy. It's not for me, no thank you. 

9: Another thing related to this year's decision to go vegetarian is that there is waaaay too much meat being consumed in this country. Sandwich options, restaurant choices and the meat aisle all show that our food is over-saturated with dead animals. I don't believe that everybody should be a vegetarian but eating that amount of meat is bad for everything: your body, the animals and the environment.

10: There are some really lovely, supportive people out there that I've had the opportunity to meet over this past year. From internet celebs to fellow students to bloggers, I've been able to interact with so many inspiring, creative and friendly individuals.

11: Making time for you and your own interests is super important. Whether it's something you do alone or with someone else, having an interest in something not related to your work or study is key to feeling balanced. 

12: It's okay not to be 100% happy, ecstatic and full of gratitude for important dates (i.e. birthdays, christmas and holidays). Often we put so much pressure on ourselves to ensure that we have the best time possible but sometimes that won't happen, and sometimes the anticipation makes it seem more difficult to have a good time.

13: There is literally no point in feeling uncomfortable about my body or the way I look. I used to think I'd only be happy if I was skinny and had defined muscles, now I feel much better knowing that I eat well and do enough exercise to keep myself as fit as possible. My overall fitness is something I'd like to improve but only partially to change my physical appearance.

14: Spending quality time with my family helps me to feel myself again. Whether it's having a family dinner together or watching a film, there's something about spending time with people who love you unconditionally that makes you feel good about yourself. 

15: Finding the right artistic outlet is sometimes enough to help you to get back on track. Whether it's a book that inspires you, a film that shows you a new way of looking at things or a song that uplifts you, finding a way to express yourself can really help to make you feel calmer and happier.

16: Yes, Kylie Jenner can be seen to be an egotistical, self-absorbed, ignorant celeb but she's also a person and though I don't agree with every life decision she makes, there's something to be said for her endless self-appreciation and luxurious lifestyle that maybe we can scale down to apply to our own lives...

What's something that you've realised this past year? Are you as excited as me for it to be over?

Stay inspired!

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  1. I agree with all of these points, I realised these as well in 2016.
    I would like to be vegetarian too, I have cut down so much on meat recently.