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As I write this, it's Saturday morning, 11am, and I'm waiting for my CAD programs to load up so that I can attempt to make some headway with the enormous pile of uni work that I need to do for my tutorial on Monday morning. Did I mention that I only found out about said tutorial and all the work I would have to do for it at 9am yesterday morning?

Welcome to post-grad architecture student life.

I wish I could say that I'm loving it and I feel like it will all be worth it, but right now I'm just not in that place. I'm in a place where I wish I had some free time to do something like, oh I don't know, Blogmas perhaps? I so wanted to do Blogmas this year! Even if I didn't get a post up every day I wanted to feed a creative outlet other than the same old stuff that I complete for my degree.

So let this be a quick note to say that I wish I had time to do Blogmas this year - in fact, scratch that: I wish I had time to do any kind of blogging right now - and I will just have to live out my dream through reading everybody else's festive posts. 

I hope to be back more regularly soon - I miss this lil blog and catching up with everyone else's feeds, so please leave your links below!

Also please send me well wishes in the form of coffee and cheesy snacks.

Stay inspired! (cos I'm not right now)

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